Congratulations Jasmine Lee

Over the years, I’ve met women (especially Filipinas) who want to be that person so Koreans would change their perception of the marriage immigrant better. I know Jasmine never planned nor intended to be that person. She seems to be just the kind of person who went with the flow. When an opportunity knocks, she just takes it. If things didn’t happen as planned, then she just moved on. When her husband died on August 8th, she mourned and carried on with her life.
This year has given Jasmine the opportunity to speak for her community of married immigrants as one of the founders of the NGO “Waterdrop Society.” There is no better person who could best represent our sector of society. She is well-adjusted and knowledgeable with the lives of the 이주여성 (iju yoseong).
Last December 16th, she was awarded by the Green Fund Foundation as one of the 38 “People Who Enlighten the World 2010”. Past awardees include actress Go Hyun Jung and Hallyu topstar Bae Yong Joon.

People Who Enlighten the World 2010

Jaz and daughter Chloe

Jasmine’s life this year is full of ups and downs but I know for sure that she never sweat the small stuff. After all, that could bring stress and that could translate to hair loss (Source: Her life has been an inspiration to many married immigrants here. Her experience here is not all rosy but I don’t remember her bitching about the littlest thing. I think this is one thing that a lot of us could really learn from.


  1. wow~ im proud of her as well as all Pinays living in Korea. I know it’s not that easy to live in a place. I hope to meet her in Korea soon. and you too Ms.Betchay. Thank you so much for the information you are posting in your blog. Im also married to a Korean and your blog really inspires me and help myself to be prepare to live in the “Land of the Morning Calm”.

  2. Congratulations to her! you know Ms.B, her position/job in KBS is my dream job, I hope that someday I will land also to that kind of Job, and shes an inspiration, I hope that she will become one of my mentor someday,,She had the spirit of a true warrior!!

          1. Ay oo nga pala. Napanood ko episode kagabi, bakasyon kasi ako. Yun pala yung nagpunta sila ng Iloilo last November.

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