Airport train from Incheon to Seoul

AREX (or the airport train) started its operations in 2007. It has been transporting passengers from Incheon Airport to Gimpo Airport. On December 29th last year, the line to Seoul Station (in downtown Seoul) was opened.

Incheon's tidal flat lands as seen from our March 2009 ride aboard the AREX

When my husband told me that he’ll be traveling again this year, I immediately thought about the AREX. My son and I once took it almost two years ago and I’d like to try it again ;p
AREX is much more convenient, especially now that it’s servicing Seoul Station, than taking a car to and from the airport. At least, we won’t have to pay for toll and spend money on gas anymore – and roadside assistance!
There are two kinds of train servicing this line: Commuter and Express. The latter is a nonstop ride from Incheon Airport to Seoul Station and vice versa. It is also more expensive at 13,300 won. The commuter train ride is only 3,700 won but it stops six times and is about 10 minutes longer.
You can get more information about the Airport Train or AREX from their English website.


  1. I read this in Yahoo earlier. Pretty interesting. I think this spells speedy.
    Ate Betchay, how do they store people’s luggage? I don’t have any idea at all as we took the cab last time I went to Seoul. 🙂

  2. nice! will try this when i leave on the 19th.
    sana tulad ng sa HK wherein pwede ka magcheck in sa station so u don’t have to wait in line sa airport with your baggages. ^^

  3. I was lucky coz my Korean friend fetch me at the airport.Though I took a bus when I left for Philippines.My friends and will be visiting Seoul again on autumn. I guess we gonna take this train its more cheap than the bus which is 9500won going to Hongik University.

  4. hi, i’ll be having a 1 day stop over in korea on july 31. i booked a hotel in incheon (near unseo station).. i plan to take arex going to seoul… what are the tourist spots/malls near arex seoul station? i appreciate your response. maraming salamat!

  5. I got interested in going to Korea when I see the tv drama . I was there in Seoul last week. Amazing. I went through tour package. A little expensive kaya d ako masyadong naka pag shopping. That is why I want to know how to commute para ticket and self booking na Lang para makatipid

  6. Hi,
    Ask ko lang kung maganda ba talaga ang cherry blossoms dyan? I’ll be there on April in time for that event. 🙂 Also, nice din bang mag stay sa Myeong Dong? thank you.

  7. tips from busan to seoul please. erroneously booked mla-busan instead of incheon, the problem is our flight ETA in Busan is around 8:40 PM – how do we go to seoul? KTX? Bus? any suggestion since last KTX schedule during weekday is at 10:20 PM wherein it will still take time to travel from Busan Airport to Busan Stn (around 45 minutes to an hour, i guess)… please help thanks in advance

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