Christmas in Myeongdong

I know! Christmas is so over but I just want to share some pictures of Myeongdong during the holiday season. I’ve been so busy and I haven’t gotten enough zzzzs on our seven-year old mattress.
These pictures are mostly store decorations of some of the famous cosmetic stores in the area. The pictures at night time were taken before Christmas while those in daytime were shot on New Year’s Eve.
By the way, for those who want to buy cosmetics from Korea, I’ll be opening a new online store for Korean cosmetics only and I would sell brands other than Skinfood. Resellers could get special discount of course. I’ve been getting lots of orders and it’s getting more difficult to handle them manually.
Here’s the Christmas tree in front of Migliore. The first building you’ll see from Myeongdong subway.

The Christmas Tree at Migliore

When I visited Myeongdong on New Year’s Eve, it was snowing…
The Christmas tree at Myeongdong Theater


One of the four Nature Republic stores in Myeongdong.
Nature Republic


^^ Actress Song Hye Gyo is the model of the clothing brand “Ro-em”.

Noon Square
^^ I love Noon Square – they have See’s Candies!
The Body Shop

^^ I bought four sets of The Body Shop’s moringa gift set for my son’s teachers at the day care center that night.
It's Skin

Holika Holika
^^ I love Holika Holika’s decor (and their eyeshadows too) – so wicked!
The Face Shop
^^ Kim Hyun Joong was still the model of TFS that time. Won Bin is the new TFS model… ;p
Etude House

^^ Missha had a 30-50% sale that time. They have sale every 3 months – and so do the other cosmetic stores!
^^ Aritaum is Amore Pacific’s store for Mamonde, IOPE, Laneige and more.
Myeongdong before Christmas

Myeongdong on New Year's Eve



  1. Ms. Betchay, hope you had fun during the Holidays!!! Your pix had me ogling & missing Myeongdong & you!!!
    I always associate Myeondong w/ you cuz we had great fun there!!!
    Take care, my friend!!!

      1. =) ito ay hindi Russian
        ps.: never would have thought that you finally will make me use the Google translator to understand what you wrote in philipino! LOL

  2. Nag enjoy ako just looking at the photos ng christmas decors ng Myeongdong Shops… wish i was there on christmas season! next year…. hehehhe

  3. I absolutely enjoyed Myeong Dong when I went there. It’s definitely one of my favorite places in Korea even though I won’t buy anything. Just walking through the streets and seeing the products that my favorite group ahemnaturerepublicahem and actors endorse is enough for me.

  4. I’m very curious about you and your family. can you email me your story, how did you meet your husband? how old are you now? how did you know that he likes you. did he court you? thanks so much! I would really appreciate your story/reply. 🙂

  5. im not sure if this was the place where we ate noodles and according to my Korean friend which is famous in that area. There was a long queueing then.

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