Skinfood samples galore

The managers of the Skinfood stores where I buy stuff are so generous to me. After packing the bags with samples for my customers, I usually ask them for more samples for me. And they would even ask me which ones I’d like to get.
Last Saturday, I decided to clean-up the box where I keep some of these stuff. I was shocked that I don’t even have to buy any of their products for me. What do I do with these samples now? LOL…

Skinfood samples galore

Here are samples of Skinfood’s newest line: Premium Grape Seed Cell. I believe it’s also their priciest line.
Skinfood's newest line

I have about six of this special gift sets – they’re being sold for about 20 USD at some online stores! I give them out for free to my customers ;p The tiny bottles contain 20 ml – about 1/6 of the regular bottle.
Skinfood's Ancient Rice line

This is the standard freebie at Skinfood stores when you buy 40,000 won worth of their products.
Skinfood 40,000 won freebie

These are what I usually ask for from the salesclerks at Skinfood… BB cream, ginseng mask, honey red orange mask, acai berry mask, black sesame seed hot mask and black sugar mask:
My favorite Skinfood freebies

This is probably the Skinfood line that I like best – Omija Whitening. I’ve tried this before with the special gift sets and it actually made my skin brighter and smoother while using it. I was going to buy the regular bottles but one of my students’ mom gave me a set of Missha’s Time Revolution that includes a toner, emulsion, cream and serum. If I had to pay for my skincare, I’d really get this Skinfood Omija Whitening. ;p
My favorite Skinfood line

This product is good for the dark circles around eyes as the saleslady at the store told me. The Q-tips like product is the Eggplant Eye Makeup Remover Bar. I haven’t tried it since I like using makeup cleaning sheets.
For the eyes

I still have some more pictures but they’re not really clear as I shot them at night and my compact “dica” doesn’t really work well at night time. For those who are requesting for the price list, it would be out soon but it will be better for you to visit my site starting next week. It’s We’re still in the process of testing and filling the site with products.


  1. wow!!!
    just recently too, alex found my samples collection bag and i didn’t even know i still have some. i thought i’d given away everything already. he wouldn’t believe me when i said i haven’t bought any cosmetics or skin care products recently, that they’re from purchases i made before coming here.. kkk..

  2. my first time this site..very informative..since i love Korean dramas..i get to know Korea too..=)

  3. Wow! buti pa po dyan sa korea friendly and generous ang mga stores and sales agents. Dito sa Philippines parang self service. That’s why I always try having research about the products I want to buy so when I go to store I know pretty much what I want.

    1. hi hanneebuff! speaking of contests… i have some things here that i got last holiday that i’m not ever going to use… recycling? hehe

  4. Mam Ana;
    Mag order po ako sa inyo today. Send ako money today then send ko orders tonight. Magkano po Skin79 Hot Pink BB Cream?

  5. where can i purchased like this wow i am really amazed i been in myeondong many times did you bought all this item there?i will be on korea on may 17 for 15 days i will look for the best freebies on skin food thanks

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