Hyun Bin to join the Marine Corps?

Shock! We were having a dinner of homemade mandu guk (dumpling soup) while watching MBC Newsdesk tonight when they reported that actor Hyun Bin might just be joining the Marines in spring.

Hyun Bin is currently seen on the popular weekend drama “Secret Garden” on SBS. We all loved him when he appeared on “My Lovely Kim Sam Soon” and from then on, we never stopped watching him. Not only is he good looking but he’s also a good actor, isn’t he?
I bet this news made some fans quite nervous. Last year, two marines were killed in an attack on an island near North Korea.
Anyway, military service is something that Korean men have to do. And of course, we admire the actors who don’t dodge on their responsibility to serve the country. It’s not easy to enter the ROK Marine Corps but we hope that Hyun Bin gets his wish ;p


  1. is he? (T_T)
    you said – “It’s not easy to enter the ROK Marine Corps” – does that mean marine service was not randomly chosen for Hyun Bin? Can you write a seperate post about obligatory military service system in Korea? how does it work (ie. some say it is 2 years, others say it depends on something else etc)?
    i am asking cause Rain (yup, i am his fan) is also going to join military in late 2011. Hope he wont be sent to some dangerous regions (^_~)

    1. He chose to apply for the Marines~ It’s his own decision. Read somewhere that he was influenced by a hyung (not necessarily a blood-related brother) who went to the military before him…

  2. Despite his busy schedules he is still leaving us….what do i do when he is away for 2 years?? i love him so much~@@

    1. nice to meet you! do you know if Hyun Bin and Song Hye Kyo are still together? though i am asking out of idle curiosity, I’d appreciate your reply much. Pls dont suggest to browse web, ‘yes’/’no’ reply will be just fine =)

  3. Oh my..i miss him already..love him in SG..i even wondered what drama he was goin to film next..well,if it’s for his country,we can only be proud of him..
    And yes you’re right there, he’s really a good actor and a gorgeous one on top of that..wishing for his safe military experience..

  4. I admire him for choosing the Marine Corp. I think this needs longer military service time aside from the regular 1 year and 10 months (please correct me if I’m wrong.) Won Bin was also in the field and he got injured during one of the exercises so he was released early. That earned more respect for him.

  5. I already miss him, since Secret Garden just finished. What more for two years. He’s a very good actor. I hope he’ll be safe always…and I’m proud of him. Thanks Betchay.

  6. I love Hyun Bin in “My Lovely Sam-soon”, “Snow Queen” and “Secret Garden”. How long will he have to be in the service? My husband said that the length of service has been shortened a bit compared to when he did his service. Hope Hyun Bin/ Kim Tae Pyung stays safe during his service.

  7. Oh…He broke up with Song Hye Gyo?too bad they really look good together..I started watching their THE WORLD THAT THEY LIVE IN…well goodluck to you Hyun Bin.

  8. oh you’re right… didn’t notice that… i usually don’t view my posts that’s why… thanks for pointing that out

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