Gift for Seollal

The lunar new year is just around the corner. I’m just so happy that we’re going to have a five-day holiday from February 2nd to the 6th. I’m also glad that I have to work until February 1st, so I just need to go to my brother-in-law’s house on the 2nd and we’ll be back home by the 3rd (unless the family has another plan that I’m not aware of). I’m also excited about the food – which would mean that I’ll really have to look for new fat burner later.
The other day, I received a small brochure for “seollal” or lunar new year’s gifts. I was shocked to see the prices of “premium” gift sets. Take a look at this:

Premium gift sets for seollal

The 550,000 won (about 489 USD or 22,000 PHP) set contains 4.2 kilograms of grade 1++ Hanwoo (Korean beef); while the 300,000 won set has 3.6 kilograms of grade 1++ Hanwoo ribs and four packs of bulgogi sauce.
Below the beef sets are the 9-pc set of Korean pear at 90,000 won (3,600 PHP or 80 USD) and the 12-pc apple set worth 100,000 won.
The ginseng set worth 299,000 won are 12-year old Korean ginseng. The mushrooms on its right side total 700 grams for 258,000 won. And what about the fish? Ten pieces or 2.1 kilogram of the yellow corvinas is 498,000 won while the dried anchovies, 900 grams for 300,000 won!
I’d rather have the cash!


    1. Yup. Socks are inexpensive and everybody wears a pair, especially during the cold season. Other “common” gifts are towels, toilettries and food items.

  1. goodness…those gifts are expensive. those must me some special dried fish, which reminds me i need to pick up a bag of dilis here…lol.

    1. Korea pear is pronounced as “Bae” same pronunciation as when you say the word “bay” with no y

  2. Hello Ate Betchay,
    Te, if I may ask…is it possible for me to purchase Apidexin in any local drugstores here in Korea?~
    thanks for sharing the info ~

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