Exemption from Re-entry Permit

A reader is asking whether she could still come back to Korea without a re-entry permit. She went home to the Philippines in September and the immigration officer took back her ARC. She said that her E-9 visa is still valid for a year. Here’s the information on “Exemption from Re-entry Permit” from the Hi-Korea website:

Exemption from re-entry permits will take effect for the convenience of registered foreigners in Korea from 1 Dec 2010.
â–¡ Eligible Sojourn Status
o Diplomacy(A-1), Official Business(A-2), Convention/Agreements(A-3)
o Cultural Arts(D-1), Student(D-2), Industrial training(D-3), General training(D-4), Journalism(D-5), Religious Affairs(D-6), Supervisory Intra-company transfer(D-7), Corporate Investment(D-8), Trade Management(D-9), Job Seeking(D-10), Professorship(E-1), Foreign language instructor(E-2), Research(E-3), Technological Transfer(E-4), Professional Employment(E-5), Arts & Performance(E-6), Special Occupation(E-7), Non-professional Employment(E-9), Vessel Crew(E-10), Family Visitation(F-1), Residential(F-2), Dependent Family(F-3)
o Miscellaneous(G-1), Working Holiday(H-1), Working visit(H-2) status
â–¡ Conditions
o The re-entry permit will be exempt for registered foreigners seeking to depart Korea and re-enter within one year.
※ If the period of stay is less than one year, the exemption is valid for the duration of the period of stay.
o Exemption for the permanent residents(F-5) re-entering Korea will remain valid for two years after their departure date.
â–¡ Exception
o This exemption may not be applied to the people who are in the prohibited category.
â–¡ Effective Date
o From 1. Dec. 2010

Got this from HiKorea’s Announcement section.


  1. If she surrendered her ARC to immigration, her visa has been cancelled. She need to hold the card to return under the same visa. She either needs to apply for a new visa to return again.

  2. hi ask ko lng kung my paraan pb mabigyan ng another working visa yung mga bagong nagtnt pojan s korea?

  3. sana reply po kau if pwede pa san po kmi hihingi ng tulong po?at ano po dapat nking gawin slmt po.

  4. I have D-2 visa (student visa) and I want to travel Japan for one week (23-24/9). Do I need to obtain a re-entry permit to re-enter South Korea? I will arrive South Korea on the 4th of Sep and I wont have enough time to obtain the Alien Registration Card before my departure to Japan.

  5. Hi, we were granted a single entry visa to korea, and have a visa to japan. we heard about the panstar ferry from busan to osaka and would like to try it. my question, can we exit korea and re-enter as we are planning to return to PI from seoul since the airfare is much more cheaper than if we return from osaka. Please advise. Thanks a lot!

    1. Hi Jhessy! From what I understood, you will visit Korea from Japan so by that time you’ll have to use your single-entry visa right? Then you will go back to Japan and then Korea again? Then in that case you’ll need another visa unless you are just transiting in Seoul.

  6. hello!!I’m a D2 single entry visa holder, and I decided to leave korea for the winter vacation to spend it with my family back home, does that mean that I won’t have any problem returning to korea even with my single entry visa? and I do have an ARC!
    thank you for your help!!

  7. Hello, my partner has an E6 Alien Card here in S. Korea, valid for the next 6 months. My Q. is, can I go back to the Philippines for 1 week & return with this type of visa… Or can I take 1 week vacation in Thailand & return to S. Korea?

  8. Hi Ms Betchay, first time holder po ako ng Korean Visa E7. Nun nag apply po ako tinanong po ako if single or multiple entry po un gusto ko, sabi ko po multiple. Nun nakuha ko po siya kanina, single entry lng po un na grant. Ganun po ba talaga Ms Betchay kapag E7 visa? Salamat po.

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