Jaz Lee for Seoul Global Center

I’ve passed by this billboard so many times but it wasn’t until last week that I truly noticed it. It is located at one of the busiest subway stations in Seoul. It’s a public service ad of the Seoul Global Center. I was on my way to buy some baby clothes for my husband’s friend’s new baby.

Jaz Lee - Seoul Global Center billboard

Can you guess which station is this?


  1. I saw this poster when I was in Seoul last week. It was the station you get off at when you want to go to Lotte World. Am I right?!?

  2. i just want to know where can i learn korean in Cebu, Philippines. i’ve search and ask everybody in newspapers and schools but they dont offer korean classes. can u help me please…

  3. The other lady looks familiar.
    Isnt that Cristina, the girl from Italy who speaks Korean well? I see her constantly on Korean Tv.

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