Let's Go to New York

Since the beginning of the year, my husband and I have been planning where to go for our vacation. We first planned on visiting Osaka in Japan but I don’t want to go there just for three days. That’s just too short. My husband will also be traveling a lot this year. The list of countries he’ll be visiting this year includes Brazil! Waahhh… So now I’m thinking of having another vacation of my own. And the one place I’d like to visit is New York!
I went to New York for the first time in November 2006. I spent two days with my sister there. We flew from Columbus, Ohio at six o’clock in the morning. It was just an hour flight and we were in New York just in time for breakfast at Bistro Marketplace near Grand Central. After that, we spent the whole day walking and riding the subway and ferry to the Statue of Liberty, Ellis Island, World Trade Center, Little Italy, Chinatown, Madison Square Garden, Macy’s, Broadway, and Times Square. I remember going to our hotel at around 11 o’clock that night. The next morning, we were up really early and we visited more places – Central Park, MOMA, Diamond District, St. Patrick’s Cathedral, St. John’s Cathedral and a post office somewhere where I sent myself two postcards. Two days was really short.

An autumn in New York's Central Park, Nov 2006

The trip to New York was a dream come true for me. I guess that’s why I could remember all the places we visited, the food we had and that unforgettable experience at Chinatown as if they happened last week.
I’d like to go back there and I’ve been checking Letsgo2.com for flights to New York, as well as hotel bookings. I think I can save more by getting an airline and hotel package.
Oh, I just need to find the time to make this New York vacation happen. Will my boss allow me to have a break?


  1. Hello Miss Betchay! I’m planning to visit my sister in New Jersey this coming July. Could you please give me the website or contact number ( if you know) where I can check the necessary docs in applying for a US visa. or kung tanda mo pa po ung requirements, if you’re not very busy, please reply here. Thank you!

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