Daeboreum (Hangeul: 대보름) is the day of the first full moon of the lunar year. It comes exactly 15 days after “Seollal” or the lunar new year celebration in Korea.
Traditionally, bu-reom (Hangeul: 부럼) or nuts are eaten to guard against boils. Also, Koreans prepare their rice with five different grains. This is called o-gok-bap (Hangeul: 오곡밥). “O” (오) means five; “gok” (곡) is grain; and “bap” (ë°¥) is rice. These are:
– chap ssal (Hangeul: 찹쌀) or glutinous rice
– soo-soo (Hangeul: 수수) or sorghum
– pat (Hangeul: 팥) or red beans
– chajo (Hangeul: 차조) or glutinous millet
– kong (Hangeul: 콩) or beans
I got the above information from a Korean language lecture I attended in 2009.
At home, I don’t really prepare 오곡밥. I’m not a fan of sweetish rice when I had to eat it with Korean side dishes or kimchi. The closest I got to making 오곡밥 was this:

Five grained rice for the first full moon

The best place to visit during “Dae-bo-reum” is Namsan Hanok Village. They usually have programs for this traditional Korean event.


  1. Daeboreum………aahhh, ito yung sabi nung korean teacher namin. Habang nagdidiscuss siya, na mention names naming tatlo (mga baguhan). Ibinulong sa’kin nung isang Filipinang kaklase ko kung ano sinabi nung teacher. Sinabi niya pala infront of the class na kami dw tatlo hindi raw namin naiintindihan ang pinag-uusapan. Totoo nman kaya’t tinanong ko siya kung ano ‘kako sa English yung Daeboreum. Nag long pause…tapos nagtype sa computer..and then sinabi niya, “First month of the year.” Nalito ako kasi ‘di ba “il wol” yung January. Sbi ko sa sarili, “ah bka may specific name tlga ang month sa kanila and January is Daeboreum.” But now I found out na mali explanation ni teacher in English. Tsk tsk tsk.. si teacher tlga.
    At the end of the class napag-usapan ng mga fellow Filipinas ko na palaging nagsa-side comment si teacher about Filipinos na kesyo mtgal na dw pero hindi fluent until now compared to Chinese or Vietnamese. Aba! Hindi nman tlaga mdaling matutunan ang lenggwahe ng ibang lahi. It requires time. Mali nga explanation niya ng Daeboreum in English eh kahit pa nagpatulong sa dictionary sa computer. Hay naku!

  2. good afternoon po, ms. Betchay! I received the email. What’s in March 1? Oh, I would love to see you and our fellow Filipinas but I am so far =).. Anyways, I wish your bonding together be a successful one. Enjoy your time together and more power po!;-)

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