Red Day chocolates

February 14th is known as Valentine’s Day in the western world, but here in Korea it’s known as “Red Day”. It is the day when a woman gives her man chocolates. I didn’t give my husband any since he’s on a caffeine-free diet. I got chocolates from my students though and from Skinfood, too!
Since my husband has stopped having anything with caffeine, guess who ate all those chocolates? Yikes, now I might need to get the best fat burner to burn all those calories.


  1. Yay! I remember my Korean friend Sky…I was obliged to give him chocolate during Valentines Day because he was expecting then hehehe But by March 14 i received a portable tv from him. By the way he told me that if the lass likes the lad she should give chocolate on February 14,then if the feeling is mutual then the man will give chocolate on March 14? Its kind of unfair…it should be the other way around..What do you think?

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