Lee Da Hae's tissue accident

Poor Lee Da Hae. She’s being talked about by the netizens for these embarrassing photos. She was dressed in a lively yellow dress at the Seoul Cultural Awards held last night, February 28, at the Seoul Olympic Park. She was perfectly dressed except for what appears to be tissue paper between her thighs.

Lee Da Hae at the Seoul Cultural Awards

Here are some pictures from the event from Daum.


  1. oh no! what is that tissue paper doing there? nice dress pa naman. it must be really embarassing.

  2. My! i pray this won’t lead to an extreme action. i mean, i hope she won’t think of anything to harm herself if in case she takes this incident very embarrassing. she was on a hot seat a few months ago (that infamous accent) and to be on it again is a.. tragedy.

  3. bago umebak naglagay cguro ng tissue bago umupo sa inodoro. basta na lang tumayo hinde nya alam dumikit sa sa wetpu nya yung tissue haha

  4. I just learned from my husband how Lee Da Hae reacted to this. She said that she feels naked in front of the public. She added that even though she has denied that it’s not a tissue, people still believe it because the media has said so. Well, many of us here knows about the big issue she had a few months ago because of that Filipino accent mimicry (which btw sounds really far from Filipino accent). Now, she knows how powerful media is, that whatever you say or show in front of the camera, it’s instilled into the minds of the viewers and no amount of effort could change it or erase it completely.
    I know she made a mistake before, but I don’t think she deserves to be humiliated like this. Well, nobody deserves to be humiliated.

  5. wardrobe malfunction daw. she should blame her stylist. people will react however they want. as someone who’s in the limelight, she should be prepared to handle such things and not be a baby about it. she pokes fun at other people. now she feels how it is to be the butt of jokes.

  6. Hi ate betchay I’ve been a lurker ever since.
    Nagparetoke ba sya? yung mukha nyang parang sobrang nagiba, parang punong puno ng botox.

  7. thank you, banheethespectator. I totally agree with you. Though i dont like this actress, nobody deserves to be humiliated nor does she. media is a power, and crowd is blind.

  8. all the of the above have at one time or another left their fly open. truth is every thing looks to those with jaundice eyes. lee da hae is stunningly pretty period.

  9. WAHAHA!
    Dapat lang yan!
    Dapat ikalat yan!
    Sa youtube, sa twitter at sa mga blogs! :))
    Kapalit ng pang iinsulto nya sa mga pinoy! ((:

  10. Li-ta- E ,I don’t know if what you said was out of anger or just a joke but you shouldn’t come up with the word” suicide” here.Even though I was furious when she taunt on what supposed to be Filipino accent I don’t wish her to be in the bottom pit.People commit mistake I’m sure you do.Wishing the worst(“suicide”) for another human being is just appalling.Peace

      1. Hi Ms Karla and Ms Ida!
        I totally agree with the both of you. The first time I read that comment above, I got shocked.

  11. @karla&Ida she lied in her apology statement regarding Flipinos english accent. “liers has no right to live”.

  12. Eto nalng.. isipin nalng natin na what if satin ngyari yan? people make mistakes and she’s not an exception.. let’s not wish her harm or anything bad. remember this, “in every act done, no matter how insignificant, will eventually return to the doer with equal impact”.

  13. @Li-ta- E
    I’m sure you lied even once in your life.
    @Ida and Banheethe spectator
    thanks for reminding me that I’m not the only commenter here who was shocked with the suicide comment.

  14. tell every one who laugh at you to **** them selfes and mind their on business.you don’t have to feel a shame at all. you look beautiful even with this white thing.

  15. hey, eh, ano nmn ang meron sa mga pics. bakit, sya lang ba ang may ganyan? hindi naman sa kumakampi ako ky LEE DA HAE pro, we must respect others naman….di pwerkit artista sya, sya nlang lgi ang binabantayan ng lahat!
    at kung sa inyo yan ngyari, matutuwa ba kayo??
    so, stop being childish…(wla akong kinakampihan)

  16. Baka naman kasama talaga sa damit nya un, para pag mag-wiwi cya, PAK! may tissue agad! Charot! XD

  17. “Do not rejoice when your enemy falls,
    And do not let your heart be glad when he stumbles;
    Lest the LORD see it, and it displease Him,
    And He turn away His wrath from him.” (Proverbs 24:17-18)
    If you are a Christian, it is not godly to say “buti nga sa yo” even to a very wicked person. Besides, God said from Romans ch 3 that there is none righteous, no not one… ALL have sinned and fall short of the glory of God.
    Aminado naman ako tawa ako ng tawa when I saw the picture. Pero hanggang duon na lang… no more reviling or ill wishes.

      1. Thanks Karla. I love how the Koreans reacted to the calamity of the Japanese. Although they are not best of friends, the Koreans did not rejoice to Japan’s recent disaster. Instead, they are there to show support. Korea is becoming a blessed country, great example of Proverbs 24:17.

  18. LÖL. We already claimed our sweetest revenge ng walang ginagawa. Sana she already learned her less0n. Tayo naman mga Filipin0 magpagmahal s kapwa ntin, kht di p ntn kalahi…lalo na, artista p sya. Fan p nman nya ko dati.

  19. Jeez. What’s wrong with you people? Siguro nga nkgwa xa dati na hindi natin nagustuhan pero humingi xa ng apologize. I’m not a fan of lee da hae pero sana irespect na lang. We Filipinos know how to forgive and to forget. :))

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