A gift for a Korean's first birthday

I don’t remember how many times I’ve attended a “dol janchi” since I came here. A “dol janchi” (Hangeul: 돌잔치) is the party for a Korean’s first birthday. I remember writing a post on it half a decade ago about my friend Razel’s son’s first birthday party.
Next Saturday, we are going to attend another “dol janchi”. This time it will be for one of my husband’s best friend’s first child. It will be held in Daejeon City, about an hour by KTX from Seoul. Oh how I wish we’d take the train since I really enjoy riding the train here in Korea. I’ve already prepared the gift that we’re giving the baby. I don’t even know whether it’s a boy or a girl. I haven’t asked… I’m pretty sure that my husband would give some cash. The parents would’ve to spend for every guest coming to the buffet party.
I bought a 24-karat gold ring for the baby. This is a traditional present given to babies on their first birthday party.

A 24-karat ring for the birthday celebrator

I won’t be the only one giving the baby the gold ring. I bet other guests would give too. My husband said he didn’t have a “dol janchi” but he still received rings from his father’s friends and relatives. When he graduated from college, his father had a college ring made from the rings he got as a baby. ;p


  1. Omg!! I wonder how much this will cost you!! 😀
    Isn’t it expensive??
    Hear from your mail again too! 😛

  2. Hi betchay I had once attended such celebration!thanks to my friend who brought me there..Grrr had a sumptuous dinner then…having a hard time deciding which food to eat first.kkk Anyway that was a great experience.

    1. Whenever I attend a buffet, I skip the carbs. I usually go straight to the sashimi or raw fish. Pleasure!

    1. 육회 (육 “yuk” means meat or beef) and 회 “hoe” means raw
      I like it too. Couldn’t imagine before that I’d eat raw beef ;p

  3. Hi, what size does one traditionally get for a ring? I’m going to my first dol in a few weeks and i’d like to do this for him.

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