N Seoul Tower's A Lock of Love

The locks at the viewing deck of N Seoul Tower has become so famous that a marker has been erected at the site. It reads:

A Promise for Endless Love “I Love You.”.
From old times, there was a story that if lovers make a wish at a shrine on Nam-San (Mt. South), it comes true. Since that, this place became a symbol of the place of promising an everlasting love for couples with hanging a lock together. A Lock of Love, already famous by media, is not just expressing couples’ love by hanging locks, but meaning endless love with experiencing unforgettable moment in the place you can see a view of Seoul.
Now N SEOUL TOWER is the icon of love and friendship with family and friends as well as love stories of “A Lock of Love.” We will remember your precious moment @N SEOUL TOWER.

N Seoul Tower - A Lock of Love

Aside from the locks and the marker, nothing has really changed at the viewing deck. There is more graffiti and a few benches, which look like rustic furniture, have been added. Here is a post I did on the Locks of Love two years ago.
Foreign visitors leave their mark

Locks in varying shapes and types

T-shirt lock, Simpsons lock, Heart-shaped locks...

Tiles of Love


  1. they also have Love-lock-TREES over there.
    I admire koreans sense of design and imagination. They are really very romantic nation.

  2. We’ve gone there last January and had our love locks too!
    (but) we were too excited that we were not able to throw the keys there.
    So I worried about it kkkkk
    Is it a must? ^^;;;
    After arriving home, We’ve learned that the keys were in Jagi’s coat. ehhh

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