New visa rules for visitors to South Korea

Currently if a Filipino wants to visit Korea, he should submit all the required documents at the Korean Embassy in Makati. He’ll have to wait for five business days to know whether his application is granted or denied. It is a little difficult to get a tourist visa to Korea since they usually don’t accept incomplete documents.
The tourist visa is only good for one visit. If one would like to tour Korea again, then he should apply for another visa. There is no such thing as a “multiple-entry visa” similar to that of the United States.
This is expected to change as South Korea is easing visa rules for South Asian who would like to visit the country. Eleven countries are included in their list that will benefit from the new rules. Here’s an excerpt the from Korea Herald:

Under regulations to come into effect next week, nationals from 11 major South Asian countries will be issued a double-entry visa, which allows them to freely revisit Korea within six months, in between or after transits to other countries.
This measure came in response to the growing reputation of Incheon International Airport as a flight transit spot, according to the ministry.
Tourists will also be required to submit fewer documents to prove their financial credit and employment status, officials said.
Group tourists, especially, may have their visa issued based on guarantees from their local tour agencies alone.
Also, a multiple-entry visa, which enables the holder to freely reenter the country for three consecutive years, will be issued to those who have a Korean university graduate degree and families of immigrants married to a Korean spouse.
Family members of multiple-entry visa holders are to automatically enjoy the same benefits.
Up until now, the special visa had been available only to those who earn over $10,000 per year, pension recipients, and professional workers such as doctors and media-related employees.
The beneficiary states include India, Bangladesh, Philippines, Vietnam, Pakistan, Nepal, Laos, Indonesia, Sri Lanka, Cambodia and Myanmar, according to the ministry.
Read the full story here.

Not only will ordinary tourists benefit from the new rules. Families of married immigrants will also benefit as well as families of multiple-entry visa holders. Now it would be easier to come to Korea be it in spring, summer, fall or winter —
As the article says, the new rules will take effect next week. However, there is still no information on the Korean Embassy site in the Philippines. Let’s just wait for more info ;p


  1. i will still be having a difficult time…i am only an esl teacher here in phil and my salary is not that big..i don’t have that much money in the bank either…
    if only i will be given a chance to be there then i can prove my worth…..
    but i will still try my best…ther’s no harm in trying anyway…..

  2. Thanks for the info….I’m an online English teacher for Japanese and Korean students. One of my students want to send me an invitation letter to visit Korea. I’m preparing my documents now…My sister wants to go with me but I guess she will not be included in my invitation. Would it be possible that her visa will be approved and I will be denied????I’m scared….Goodluck to us….
    Thank you and godbless your family….

    1. Hi Noreen! Why don’t you just wait until next week when they say the new visa rules would be implemented. Let’s wait what will the requirements be.

      1. hi betchay…i’l take your advice….I will wait for the implementation of the new visa rules…
        Thank you so much!

  3. hi,thanks for the info..but how about like me i dont have a visa coz im already a visa free but only for 3 months,is it differ from multiple visa which will last 3 years regardless of how many times your in and out of the country?is it possible for me to apply multiple visa which is longterm raher than free visa?Do you have an idea or suggestions?thank you.

  4. I’m so excited with this news as my soon to be hubby and I are planning on visiting Korea next year for our vacation/honeymoon!

  5. Thanks for this good news Ms. Betchay. I also wanted to go to Korea to visit some of my students there. As you said, let’s until next week 🙂

  6. Is it advisable to get ticket and hotel bookings first then visa ? Wants to avail the promo fare but afraid that not all of us will be given a visa especially my children.Thanks

    1. hello Jing you dont need to get a hotel and airline ticket ?you must secire a visa first before anything else not all people who applied for a visa is granted as for ur kids im sure they wil get a visa but be sure to complete all your requirements before goin there ,we just got our 59 days visa last week april 14 we are 6 people including my 2 nieces i am a frequent traveller to seoul i really love the country and the people was so nice ,good luck on your appplication….

  7. hi Betchay, thanks for this info. This is definitely good news for people like me who never gets tired of visiting South Korea. I promised myself I’ll experience another winter in Korea and hopefully that would be by Jan or Feb 2011. My husband and I are saving for it since he was only able to experience summer there last year. And God willing, I’ll be able to tour my parents too, lalo na dad ko who hasn’t experienced playing with snow unlike my mom hehehe.

  8. hello ate betchay good evening, i already saw the information about it on the website of korean embassy philippines but its in hangul. i hope they can translate it soon. anyways just stopping by and spread the message about it 🙂

    1. Thank you Carlo!
      Sana nga i update nla yung english version para clear.
      Mahirap na yung pabalik2x sa embassy.
      God bless sa lahat~^^

  9. thanks for posting! my friend joined a tour group to Korea for this week. she said that it’s easier applying for a visa since all she did was to submit the requirements at the tour agency. unlike our other friend last year who had to go to the embassy to apply.

  10. I will be going to Korea next week. Hay! I just wish they did these changes before I applied for my visa. But it’s good since I plan to visit Korea often. I wonder if the multiple-entry visa would still be for free.
    Friends ask me why I’m going for another visit, and I can’t explain enough how the country can captivate you. I’ve been to other places, but it’s Korea that I miss the most. There’s so much to see and so much to do, and people are generally friendly, polite, and helpful. (Not to mention that my stay there cost a LOT less than my short visit to Hong Kong.) So this is really good news that I wouldn’t have to go to the embassy every time I want to go to Korea. 🙂 Ang layo ng McKinley sa tirahan at trabaho ko. Hassle bumalik-balik doon.

  11. new requirements….translated by google
    Republic of Korea Southeast Asian country, the Ministry of Justice issued a tourist visa for tourist visa form new simplified and double, multiple entry visas valid for the period (1-3 years old), noting that the issue will be decided to enlarge the subject.
    â–¡ Basic Documents
    â—‹ Visa Application Form Part 1 (photo ID)
    â—‹ A copy of passport and personal information Part 1
    â–¡ Short-General of Tourism Destination (C-3) visa status singular
    â—‹ destination: tourism and people who want to stay in short-term purposes
    â—‹ Documents
    â‘  Certificate of Employment, SEC, DTI issued a business license of
    â‘¡ personal bank statement
    â‘¢ Certificate of the previous year income tax (ITR)
    ※ Note
    – Some of the documents fail to submit proof of ownership to real estate or motor vehicles, possession of golf memberships
    Certificate, pension documents to prove that can be replaced, etc.
    – Passport Award OECD countries visited the last 5 years experience, or a valid visa in OECD countries
    If you only submit your passport and yeon bun â‘ 
    – Students with proof of enrollment if the parent’s filing
    – Philippine listed companies, the company’s incentive travel only made the assurance
    â–¡ double visa
    â—‹ Materials: 2 times within 6 months of immigration to the Republic of Korea who
    â—‹ Required documents: a visa and the same singular term comprehensive qualification
    â—‹ issuing information: Comprehensive short-term visa (C-3), valid for 6 months, enter 2 recovered
    â–¡ Short-General (C-3) multiple entry visas for qualified
    â—‹ Materials
    – OECD countries (except Korea) holders of permanent residence or recent visit or have more than 2 times within four years, our country
    More than 4 times within 2 years of recent visitors
    ※ Group Travel Guide to the country within 2 years or more visits a week, even if recognized
    – Civil servants, state enterprise, a regular airline flight to the Republic of Korea. Gives its employees in
    – Annual income of U.S. $ 10,000 or more, internationally recognized best customers of credit card holders
    (Gold and Platinum card holders)
    – South Korea and natural resources, energy development and sales of businesses to install, at the invitation of local construction authority to enter
    The consultation, people who want to deal with such activities
    – An international event at the invitation of the government and public institutions. Conference officials and key personnel to participate in
    – Representative Enterprises, a publicly traded company managerial staff (one year or more workers)
    – Journalists, PD, editors and media organizations, personnel (one year or more workers)
    – Young professionals (doctors, lawyers, accountants, instructor or professor) and the artists, activists, writers, artists, etc.
    ※ artists, celebrities such as major newspaper in the Philippines through the Internet sites available for people who search
    – Retirement Pension (Mon 20 000 pesos and above) who received more than 55 years
    – Studying in Korea, who graduated from a junior college or higher
    – Spouses of citizens who hold foreign nationalities, and their parents (including spouse’s parents acquired the nationality of Korea) and children
    ※ married people living with spouse visa if the purpose of issuing exempt from
    – Multiple Visa (C-2, C-3) holders of the spouses and minor children
    â—‹ Submission
    ❍ OECD countries (except Korea), and recent visitors, including more than 2 times in 4 years
    – Passport Award History
    ❍ civil servants, state enterprise employees, such as
    – Certificate of
    ❍ annual income of more than U.S. $ 10,000 dollars a person, credit card loyalty
    – Official documents proving income
    – Card Performance
    ❍ resources, energy development, and sales associates
    – Certificate of
    – Documents proving the contract or consulting
    ❍ government officials and public agencies invited international events
    – Certificate of
    – Invitation
    ❍ business representatives, public company managerial staff (one year or more workers)
    – Established company documents or a certificate of employment
    – Certificate of income tax (ITR)
    ❍ workers, including journalists from news organizations (one year or more workers)
    – ID card, certificate of employment (including working time)
    – Certificate of income tax (ITR)
    ❍ professionals (doctors, lawyers, accountants, instructor or professor)
    – Certificate of
    – The certificate (PRC issued)
    ❍ artists and celebrities
    – Organization’s identity or membership
    – PRESS RELEASES statements and other major activities
    ❍ pensioners
    – A document to prove that pension
    ❍ domestic university graduates
    – Degree or diploma
    ❍ parents of foreign spouses married to Koreans
    – South Korea and the countries form a family relationship
    ❍ family tourists
    – Documents to prove family relationships
    â—‹ issuing information: Comprehensive short-term visa (C-3), valid for three years, within 90 days of stay
    â–¡ family visa for tourists
    â—‹ Materials: date of application based on the person who has a valid multiple entry visas (the ‘I’) of the spouses, minor children, parents and
    Spouse’s parents
    ※ However, multi-country visa subjects graduated from college parties of the foreign spouses of married people and parents
    Exclusions for
    â—‹ Required documents: proof of family relationship
    â—‹ issuing information: I have been granted a visa’s validity period, not exceeding the length of stay in the issuance
    â–¡ Fee
    â—‹ fee waiver by 59 days or less stay the fee waiver
    â—‹ If you wish to stay more than 59 days visa singular 1.500 pesos, 3000 pesos, double visa, multiple entry visas paid 4000 pesos
    â–¡ Note
    â—‹ additional documents if deemed necessary may be jechulke
    â—‹ visa screening target included in the results of the visa can be bulheodoel

  12. Hello Ate B and to everyone!
    Kindly share your thoughts pls~
    I went to Korea December,2010 and came back here March, 2011 with a C-3 visa.
    My korean bf purchased a roundtrip ticket for me for July.
    Is it possible to apply visa again in May?
    additional ques: Im working as an Online English Instructor owned by my bf’s mom. It is licensed already in Korea. Would that be enough for my COE?
    Thank you! ^^
    God bless~~~

  13. i’m having a hard time viewing the downloadable file. somehow, when i download it and open it on my computer, i couldn’t read anything. the computer requires a coding system…
    anyone who has the file please send it to me. this is my e-mail add … thank you… =)

  14. hi,im just confused,how many days or months i can stay in korea if i granted a multiple entry visa?coz i stayed 59 days for single entry visa,i been in korea for 4 times,so im qualified to apply for a multiple entry visa,but i want to stay long,do u think i can stay for 6mos for that?tia

    1. hi lian! it’s only up to a maximum of 90 days that a Filipino can stay in Korea on a tourist visa (Canadians can stay here for 6 months as a tourist)… so even if you have a multiple entry visa, you can only stay up to a maximum of 90 days or three months.

  15. good day…
    in the Updated Visa Requirements for Tourists,the invitation letter is still needed? and what are the other requirements?thanks

  16. Hello, I just want to know if my parents can stay long time or a year here in Korea? This Sunday June 12,2011 my parents will come here in Korea.

    1. Hi Sonja! You better ask the immigration. They would allow your parents to stay here with the F-1 visa but it also depends on the situation.

  17. I’m from Philippines married with Korean Citizen. I will wait for your answer to my question .Thank you

  18. my mom gonna leave today go back to philippines,is she have to apply the new rules about the multiple visa in korea embassy in the philippines or she have to come back here first then apply for her multiple visa?thank you:)

  19. gud pm po ask k lng po sana kung anu-anu ang mga kylangan na requirements para sa pgapply ng tourist visa papunta sa korea po?thanx

  20. I’ve got a D-9 multiple entry visa and alien card. I would like to ask if I can bring my mother and brother here in korea for a visit. What is the requirements on dong this? thanks.

  21. hi i just want to ask if how much money needed in bank account to apply tourist visa in korea?

  22. i’m a Filipina and already merried to a Korean national for almost 2 years.. i already visit South Korea last year with my husband (we currently living in manila).. but i only stayed there for 4 days… i actually applied spouse visa before but since im still studying i didnt continue my application and my husband stay here in manila to wait me… we planning to visit korea again this mid year,, Is it easier for me to get tourist visa? since i already visit there?

  23. Hi po Ms.Betchay..I’m here in korea holding a spouse visa but I’m intending to go back to the Phil.after a month..i am planning to come back here in Koea after 10 months..What steps should i take?Should i apply for a new spouse visa?Thanks po..

  24. hello betchay..good day! ask ko lang kc nalilito kami sa Period of sojum at ung end of entry..we are given 59 days as Period of Sojum tapos ang end of entry is July 25..panu ba ang counting ng days..ung from the start ba ng release ng visa or ung pagdating ng korea? we can stay till 3 mos. dito sa korea d po ba..kung 59 days ang binigay ng embassy..ung one month po ba eh kailangan i extend? we are so confuse po…

  25. hello betchay..good day! ask ko lang kc nalilito kami sa Period of sojum at ung end of entry..we are given 59 days as Period of Sojum tapos ang end of entry is July 25..panu ba ang counting ng days..ung from the start ba ng release ng visa or ung pagdating ng korea? we can stay till 3 mos. dito sa korea d po ba..kung 59 days ang binigay ng embassy..ung one month po ba eh kailangan i extend? we are so confuse po…

  26. Hi Ms. Betchay. I’d like to ask if there’s a chance makapuntang korea as a tourist kung wala pang work here coz i just recently graduated. Di po ba kailangan ng employment certificate and bank account? And I really, really want to go there. So i’m losing hope. But my boyfriend is there because he is 3/4 Korean and is working there. May magagawang tulong po ba yun? Thank you. I hope you could help me. 🙂

  27. Hi? gud evening poh..ask koh lang poh posible ba akong makakuha ng korean visa kaso gusto ko isama ang secretary ko..may need poh bang form or posibe din poh bang makakuha secretary koh ng visa, ble ako ang primary sponsor… meron poh akong mayor’s permit, DTI , ITR at bank account…

  28. Hello po ask ko lang po kung anong visa ang pwdng ibigay sa parents ng mga foreign students dito sa korea. D-2 visa holder po ako. Gusto ko po sanang iaccompany ako ng papa ko dito ung mga one year po.

  29. ask ko lang po ulit if need pa ba ng mag provide ng proof na may relation sayo ung invitor mo?… since meron po akong letter of invitation…kasi ung friend ko po talaga, nagpagawa siya ng letter dun sa boyfriend niya.. so ndi ko po alam if pwede un..

  30. good day po…Maam betchay..ask ko lang po ano po ba requirements sa renewing of visa nag expire na kasi bago lang..emergency kasi pag uwi ko dito sa pinas..
    salamat po…

  31. Just want to ask if my idea ka po. Kakauwi lang ng mother ko from Korea last June 2012, kinuha din ng immigration sa airport yung ARC nya dahil nasabi nyang hindi sya babalik. Plano ko syang iinvite ulit dito. Tanong ko lng sana kung ilang bwan bago sya pwedeng magapply ulit ng visa pabalik ng korea? Thanks

  32. Good afternoon miss betchay. Na approve ang visa ko going to korea. Ask ko lang po, nakalagay sa issued date oct.25,2012 then final entry date jan.25,2013. Naka book na po ako july pa lang. Pero ang date ko sa korea ay jan.07,2013 to jan.30,2013. Kailangan po ba umuwi ako ng philippines on or before jan.25,2013 since yun ang nakalagay sa final entry date? Hope to hear from you soon. Thank you.

  33. Good afternoon miss betchay. Na approve ang visa ko going to korea. Ask ko lang po, nakalagay sa issued date oct.25,2012 then final entry date jan.25,2013. Naka book na po ako july pa lang. Pero ang date ko sa korea ay jan.07,2013 to jan.30,2013. Kailangan po ba umuwi ako ng philippines on or before jan.25,2013 since yun ang nakalagay sa final entry date? Hope to hear from you soon. Thank you and god bless.

    1. Hi Em! Nope, you can stay in Korea until the January 30 departure date. Ang final entry date ay kung kailan mo lang pwedeng gamitin ang visa mo para makapasok sa Korea. Kung binigyan ka ng 59 day visa at pumasok ka ng January 7, pwede ka mag-stay hangang March.

  34. ask q lang poh if necessary po bah tlga ang bank account? wala po kasi akong bank account. kailangan po bah tlga un?? meron po bang ibang alternative?

  35. i have been on a vacation to korea with friends last dec 2012. i was granted a single entry visa. i applied again for visa and was granted again a single entry visa for a vacation with my husband this feb2013. unfortunately, i’m having high risk pregnancy and my ob-gyne may not allow me to travel. is it okay if i will not use my visa? can i apply again and be granted a new visa when i plan to travel again to korea after giving birth? thanks! 🙂

  36. tanong q lang p need q pa po bang kumuha uli ng tourist visa gayong may alien card po aq valid till July 2013? Last year july kasama po aq ng sister q umuwi ng korea at pina extend ng asawa nyang koreano ang visa q for 1 year ngaun april pupunta po uli kami para samahan ang mother ko umattend ng birthday ng niece q. Kailangan k prin po bang kumuha ng visa ulit? thanks for the asap reply…

  37. I am blong to pakistan .and i have e9 visia holder .l want to bring my wife in south korea.please help me

  38. Hi what is the accepted reason to put in the question: Purpose of entry…
    We were denied bec. of that..and I can’t understand why they don’t accept our reason…”Tour and have our Honeymoon”

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