Blog Anniversary Contest

I promised last month that I’ll have the “BB Cream Giveaway” for April. However, I’m usually busy before the 10th of every month due to my now part-time job (I used to work full time until the beginning of the year). So just watch out for that this week. In the meantime, if you’re looking to win some Korean inspired items, Cher is giving away passport cover and luggage tags for her blog’s third anniversary this month. Here they are:

Korea inspired passport cover and luggage tags

The stuff that we give away may not be as expensive as the iPads that are being given away at other blogs but they are our own way of saying thank you for taking the time to visit us. Who knows if someday we’ll be giving away an LCD TV with matching tv bracket, right? Or a trip to South Korea… now I hope I could do that one before I stop working in two years when I go back to being a full-time homemaker again ;p
P.S. Cher, I saved the image from your site; the right-click disable function is useless in Opera ;p


  1. thanks betch…you’re right how i wish i can give away make-up set or a trip to korea….kkkk…but i guess it will take time…take care

  2. thank you ladies for your give-aways. i have to confess – monthly give-aways are now not the last reason of visiting your blogs ^^

  3. wow!!..that passport cover is really awesome! sooo love it!!! now i will add that on my list….!!

    1. Hi Ronica! In two years, my son would be going to elementary school. School ends early and I wouldn’t want him to go from one hagwon to another just so I could work ;p

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