Korean Noodles: Pulmuone's Naturally Tasty Ramyeon

I wasn’t a fan of instant noodles before I came here. In my family back home, everyone except me is a fan of “instant pancit canton”. If there was one instant noodle that I did like, it was Royal’s Chicken Noodle but only when I was sick.
My husband eats “ramyeon” or Korean ramen at least once a week. I didn’t like ramyeon before and I only started liking it when I had a taste of Pulmuone’s Seng Ramyeon. I have pictures of it but I would put it in another post.
Anyway, when Pulmuone (a Korean food company pronounced as “pool-moo-won”) introduced their “Naturally Tasty” or “Ja-yeon-eun mashit-da” (Hangeul: 자연는 맛있다 – 자연 means natural while 맛 is flavor or taste and 있다 means there is so 맛있다 means tasty or yummy in Korean), I didn’t think twice to purchase it at its introductory price: 3,800 won for 4 plus 1.

Pulmuone's Naturally Tasty Instant Ramyeon

I don’t eat instant ramyeon often. Simply because it’s not really good for me and also because of the high sodium content. Here’s the nutritional information on Pulmuone’s instant ramyeon:

Serving size: 103.5 grams
Energy: 380 kcal
Carbohydrates (탄수): 77g or 23% of RDA
Protein: 13 g or 22% of RDA
Fats: 2.1 g or 4%
Cholesterol: 0 mg
Sodium: 1930 mg or 97% of RDA

That’s a lot of sodium, isn’t it? That is why I usually just add half of the contents of the soup powder when cooking ramyeon.
So how do you cook this ramyeon?

According to the package directions:
1. Boil 550 ml of water.
2. When the water is boiling, add the noodles, the condiments (white sachet) and the soup powder (red sachet).
3. Cook for 4 minutes and 30 seconds.

When I prepared this ramyeon last month, I added a handful of “kare tteok” or rice cake usually used for “rice cake soup” during the lunar new year or “seollal”. I also put a teaspoon of minced garlic. When the “tteok” was almost done, I cracked an egg and put it on the noodles. I waited about 10 seconds before beating the egg ;p


This ramyeon is a meal in itself. I would also add “mandu” or Korean dumplings if I had them. I love having ramyeon on a dreary day. It’s one of my comfort foods. It keeps me sane during the harsh winter season while I think of Outer Banks rentals for spring and summer.
Watch out for more “Korean noodle” on this blog ;p


  1. looks delish! there are a lot of ramyeon houses also here in the Phil na, but maybe it’s not as tasty as those there in korea!

  2. looks delish! there are a lot of ramyeon houses now here in the Phil, but I bet they’re not as tasty as those there in Korea!

  3. I usually like to add thinly sliced shitake mushrooms to my ramen. It gives the look of not being “instant”. Adding that rice cake looks interesting. I will give that a try one time.
    You should try the Pulmoune Jjangmyun, it is my to go noodles when hungry.

  4. I prepare my ramyeon with “mustasa” or petsay, scrambled egg with slice squidball – hehehe….

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