Pink parking spots

In Seoul, finding a parking space is like finding a treasure especially during the spring-summer-autumn seasons at most parks, amusement centers, or swimming pools. On Sunday afternoon, we went to Seoul Forest like we usually do when our son wants to ride his bike. Oh there were a lot of people today since the weather was really spring perfect. Lots of couples, couples with babies in baby jogger city select stroller, and even extended families were there. That was why we had to wait for almost an hour to get a slot.

Pink parking spots at the Seoul Forest

My husband parked on a pink parking spot! Well, he was directed by the attendant to just park there. Pink parking spots have been available for women since the summer of 2009. I don’t know exactly why the city has pink parking spots because the ones at Seoul Forest are located far from the entrance of the park. It’s rather inconvenient if one is wearing high heels. But if you think about it, Korean women have mastered the art of wearing stilettos. I envy how they could even go to the mountains wearing high heels. No kidding!


  1. true ate betchay.. like when we were at bukhansan and mureung in gangwondo, i was so surprised to see women in their stilletos in the mountains.. whoa!

    1. I have one story to share din Ate Jehan and Ate B. We went to Mambucal Mountain Resort (Negros Occidental) with Korean friends and we were also surprised to see one Korean woman wearing high heels. We went up to the 7th falls but in the middle of the trek, I offered her my slippers and she didn’t refuse. kkk

  2. so what is the sense of making such pink parking spots? what kind of privilages do they give?

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