Jasmine Lee Speaks Out for Foreign Wives

Jas posted this on her FB account. Who is she? Jasmine Lee is the most popular Pinay in Korea. She’s one of the panelists/segment host in a Tuesday night television show on KBS called “Love in Asia”. She is also a speaker/lecturer on multiculturalism representing immigrant wives and multicultural families. Last year, she was introduced in a movie “Uihyongje” (starring the sexy Kang Dong Won) where she played a Vietnamese. Though she lost her husband last year, she faces the future with positive energy that will surely inspire other women. Watch the video below. Her face glows as if she’s lit with a lampclick pendant.

Clap! Clap! Clap! Continue your good work for your family and the married immigrants in this country ;p


    1. go go go….i really love what she said..it’s high time fore korean society to realize that migrant wives CAN contribute to their society!!!!!

  1. I hope the same thing. With their aging population, the country needs more foreigners, not only migrant wives to help boost their economy. I just hope that not only companies or government officials will realize this foreigners’ contribution to their economy and society but even the ordinary individuals as well. Because it’s with them that we often interact with.

  2. Wow, her Korean-speaking is very very smooth and fluent! She speaks exactly like a native Korean. Kung sa bagay, 15 na sha sa Korea.

    1. I agree. To be honest, I envy her everytime I hear her speaking in Korean. I’ve been here for almost three years now but I’m still a beginner in Korean language, especially my spoken Korean is really poor. She has a show before teaching Korean language to Filipinos. I downloaded it but didn’t have much time to listen to it. I prioritized other things. But maybe after a few months, I can start studying the language again.

        1. Hi Ms. Betchay!
          I haven’t attended a formal class as well but I’m planning to this summer. I realized that learning the language from my husband is not effective because I don’t follow his instructions. kkkk

  3. Wow, ang galing naman nya! At ang fluent nya sa korean… sana ako din hehe! (pangarap na lang). she’s a very inspiring woman. 🙂

  4. I am so happy for her, she has given a lot of inspiration to most filipinos esp. to all the immigrant wives in Korea.Hope that she will continue to display her warm heart , dignity, wisdom and humility in serving this country , esp. to multicultural families.We are so proud of you. May God continue to bless you. grace

  5. Ms. Bechay. I need you r opinion bout my comment. Kindly communicate with me in my FB acount. Obera Christine Jang. Thamk you.

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