63 Building in Seoul

There are numerous buildings in Seoul – from concrete to metal buildings – but one skyscraper stands out from the rest. It is simply called the “63 Building” – it has 63 floors!

63 Building at 2PM on the left and before sunset on the right.

On the last Sunday of March, we attempted to visit the attractions in the building. KEB (Korea Exchange Bank) offered its credit cardholders a huge discount on the 63 Building’s “Big 3” ticket that month. Too bad that when we got there, we had to wait almost two hours just to get a ticket. We gave up so we just bought some bread and coffee from Eric Kayser located at the ground floor of the building. Their breads and pastries are pricey but worth it!
The top picture is a view of Han-gang from our right and bottom picture is the view from our left. is

My son chasing after the pigeons and trying to feed them with his snacks.

Across 63 Building is one of the numerous Han-gang parks. That’s where we parked our small car. We just took out the mat that we always keep in the car and we had an instant picnic. Hopefully, KEB will offer 10,000 won tickets to the 63 Building again so we could visit the Wax Museum, Aquarium and watch a musical. This month, KEB’s 10,000 won surprise is for Lotte World.


  1. hmmm I wasnt able to count the no. of floors hahaha..It says that in Korea there no 4th floor?How true? Well I paid 21,000 won the last time I visit there.

    1. yes, sort of true. they re-name the 4th floor as “F” becoz they believe that the number 4 in chinese has the same sound as the meaning of “death”.

  2. I will definitely include this on my next trip to Seoul. Due to limited time, I wasn’t able to drop by here. I heard it’s best to watch the sunset here cause the building just glows 🙂

  3. hi. would you know where can we get discounted tickets for performances like Nanta and Fanta-stick (Fanta stick is shown at 63 Art hall, i read)? and discounted tickets for other attractions also like Everland and Lotte world.
    thanks a lot,

  4. Ehh~
    foreigners get discounts for ticket (Sea World for me)
    Made me proud,,kkkk
    The first time I get discounted.It was just always jagi ã… .ã… 

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