Foreigners' favorite Korean street food

According to this KT article, “tteokbokki” or spicy rice cake is the favorite street food of most foreigners.

The spicy dish of tube-shaped rice cakes, “tteokbokki,’’ frequently found in food stalls around Korea was selected by foreigners as their favorite street food.
According to a survey of 455 foreigners from 62 countries by the Institute of International Education at Kyung Hee University, some 31 percent of the respondents answered they enjoyed the spicy red dish the most.
The next favorite was chicken skewers with 29 percent, “sundae,’’ or Korean blood sausages, with 20 percent and fritters at 9.6 percent.
Most of the foreigners, or 93.6 percent, said they liked Korean food, with 32.1 percent saying they liked it because it was tasty, 25 percent saying it was full of nutrients and 20.5 percent saying it was healthy.
While they also thought kimchi was the representative dish of Korea by 59 percent, 32.4 percent and 28.7 percent picked “bulgogi’’ and “galbi,’’ respectively.
The most frequently eaten dish turned out to be kimchi (29.2 percent), followed by grilled fish (17.1 percent), “gim,’’ or dried seaweed (15.4 percent) and seasoned vegetables (10.9 percent).
When asked if there was a Korean dish they could make themselves, more than half or 59.8 percent answered positively. Kimchi jjigae, or kimchi stew, was the most common at 32.3 percent, while tteokbokki and “gimbap,’’ rice and various fillings in seaweed roll, were also popular dishes to prepare themselves.
Source: Foreigners pick ‘tteokbokki’ as favorite street food

When in Korea, street food is something that one must try. My husband and I used to frequent the Jongro area on weekends after watching a movie at Seoul Cinema. There are lots of vendors selling all kinds of street food. What’s my favorite street food? Just like the pick of the foreigners included in the survey: TTEOKBOKKI!
There isn’t a week that goes by that I don’t have tteokbokki. I really like the ones sold by ajummas at Gwangjang Market. They’re expensive and the serving is small but they use real sticky rice cakes. Too bad I couldn’t go there as often as I like, but a store I usually frequent near my residence is BBQ Olive!

Tteokbokki from BBQ Olive

A serving of tteokbokki at BBQ Olive is only 2,000 won. And the tteok comes in different shapes ;p


    1. i dont like tteokbokki either but i learned how to cook it very well because of Alex… more on chicken barbeque/skewers ako.. pasarapan ang mga elder couples nagtitinda sa may dong-am station.. oooppps, makapunta nga bukas, hehehe…

  1. yummy!~~tried it many times when i went there..a lot tastier than the ones sold in korean restaurants here in cebu.^^..Korean food’s the best..yum yum yum~~~

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