Jobs for foreigners in Seoul

A posting in Korea Times regarding a job offer for foreigners in Seoul.

Seoul City will hire three foreign contract workers as part of efforts to make policies friendlier for expatriates.
Those recruited will promote and develop the city’s foreign policy, hold dialogues with communities, and conduct field studies on living conditions. They will also act as mentors for foreigners who come to live in Seoul after them.
Foreign residents in Seoul including migrant spouses who have lived here for more than a year or naturalized Koreans are eligible for application. They have to be fluent in Korean and experienced in cultural exchanges, journalism or public relations.
The city plans to give an advantage to Asian natives, who take up 90 percent of Seoul’s foreign population of some 330,000.
Application forms are available at the city government’s Foreign Residents Assistance Division at the Seoul Press Center between April 18 and 22. After reviewing resumes and interviews the final selection will be made in early May and the post will start in June.
For more information call the 120 Dasan Call Center or the division at 02-2171-2294, or visit or
From: Seoul City to recruit foreign workers

A requirement for the job is fluency in Korean. The application details is posted in Korean and you can see it here: Seoul City Foreign Contract Worker
I guess one is qualified to apply for the job if he or she could understand the job posting ;p


  1. Oh I would love to work in South Korea. I miss it so much and I’m graduating with my BS degree in December. Do you have any possible job openings for people like me then?

  2. Hi. how re u? i want to find job to work and i hope u can help me to have a job thanks alot.

  3. I would love to work in South Korea. Im administration experience,Hotel and costumer service. Do you have any possible job openings for people like me then?

  4. I would love to work in south korea, i have an experience in semiconductor company in korea, im willing to work in south korea again,,,Do you have any possible job openings for people like me then?

  5. Hi I would love to work in South Korea I will be visiting for the first time this year and am looking for work in the entertainment industry.

  6. I really look over a job in south korea, I was graduated from english department so it will be lovely if I can be a english teacher in south korea.
    Also, I am experienced in textile / garment industries over than 10 years, if you have any vacant info for this area, it will be great to join with one of textile / garment industry in south korea.
    look forward to getting a good news, kamsahamnida!!

  7. I am here in korea,I moved here in 2011 and I have an F-2 vesa.I moved here to stay and work so my wife will be near here mother.I have my master in plumbing,I can do any job asked and learn things that fast.I am mechanically inclined,I can fix and repair mostly anything withthe correct tools.I have worked in trades that require arc welding and cutting and brazing.I can do home repair and outside construction work.I am currently going to community center to learn korean language,the writing is good but I am slow in speaking and pronunciation,I am from Atlanta,Georgia in the United States.

  8. Annyeonghaseyo! Are there, if any, job opportunities for medical practitioners in Seoul? I have read an article that was dated few years back regarding changes of their medical law which gives licensed doctors from other countries to practice the profession in Korea but only limited to patients who can speak the same native language of the foreign physician. He/she can also treat other foreigners as long as they could understand each other. And how about residency/subspecialty training? I’ve read that plastics and reconstructive surgery are best found in Korea. Is there a chance that a foreign/Filipino physician can apply for the said training program?Thank you.

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  10. I would love to work at a Golf facility in Seoul, I currently attend Golf Academy of America or San Diego…

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