A Public Toilet in Seoul

One of the best things about Seoul is the easy accessibility to public toilets. Probably about 99% of them have running water and toilet paper. Most also have facilities for the disabled, elderly and moms with babies. It would be great if they have the same “mommy toilet” like the ones at Narita Airport.
One of the best and the cleanest toilets I’ve visited in Seoul is the one pictured below. Can you guess where this public toilet in Seoul is? It’s appropriately decorated, clean and quiet.

The round toilet bowl matches the concentric design of the wallpaper.

This public toilet has paper towel and bin, hand sanitizer and hand dryer.

Here’s how the family/disabled/elderly toilet looks like. There is a urinal for boys and a small toilet bowl for young girls. The toilet has an electric bidet, too. It also has a diaper changing table and a chair where a mom can put her toddler while she does her stuff.
Family Toilet

Nice public toilet, huh? Can you guess where this public toilet in Seoul is? ;p


  1. WOW its awesome! It reminds me of some of the public toilet I’ve seen in Tokyo and the one at Narita Airport of course. How i wish someday, some of the public toilets in Manila will looks just a little bit like that in Seoul….

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    1. Oops. I probably didn’t see it or I forgot to reply. I’ll check the website. Thanks for the reminder ;p

    1. Ah I forgot that it has to be in Seoul. If they renovated the restroom in Seoul Forest, this must be that restroom. kkk

  3. super clean!!..no wonder why koreans find toilets in the philippines strange..coz there’s no seat-cover,no tissue…and sometimes no water..kkk

  4. Hi Betchay! I’m Trish from California. Found ur blog by accident and started reading ur posts =) I’m pinay too! My dearest wish is to visit Korea by next year…I hope to get to know Korea a bit better through ur blog.
    Wow! The public restroom pictured looks sooo fancy! And uber clean! Wish the public restrooms here in the US were just as nice….

  5. everything in korea can be done in the philippines too. am sure naisip na yan ng mga politiko at ng mga negosyante. pero ang problema ay ang kultura ng pinoy. yes, malinis tayo sa katawan at pananamit (generally), pero pagdating sa hygiene, diyan tayo bagsak. i will excuse for using this word, pero karaniwan ng mga gumagamit ng public toilets dito sa pinas ay may “pagkababoy o pagkasalaula.” ang daming di marunong magflush. di ko alam kung dahil until now eh tabo at balde pa rin ang gamit nila sa pagflush. ilang beses din na ang ginamit na tissue nasa floor or nasa bowl. pati napkin pinipilit i-flush. when i visit a house and it happens na walang trash bin sa CR, i put the used tissue or sanitary napkin in a small plastic or wrap it in a roll of tissue. ako ang nadidiri sa sarili ko if yung ginamit ko eh itapon or i-flush sa CR ng may-ari ng haus.
    no offense meant, pero buti pa mga koreans kahit di mahilig maligo, malinis ang environment and public places (based sa blogs and pictures that i have seen so far).

  6. We also have public toilets like this… and Korea also has dirty and filthy public toilets… I should blog about the “other side” of Seoul, soon.

  7. Oh, come on people, no need to get annoyed — she didn’t say this is how all public toilets are in Korea, nor did she put down toilets elsewhere; she said it’s one of the best and cleanest in Seoul! Obviously so, if she felt it was nice enough to be featured on her blog.

  8. It is true, though, that compared to California, where I live, there is better accessibility to public toilets in Korea. That’s one of the things that struck me when I visited Korea a couple of years ago. I remember at one Seoul subway station I laughed when I saw a sign that not only pointed the way to the toilet but actually stated the distance in meters.

  9. Wonderful article! I totally agree with it!
    I visite Korea and Seoul three times and I have been totally impressed using the korean toilet.
    In my country (Italy) there is a bad situation, and it is impossible to use the toilet in subway, rainway station etc…
    I love Korea!! 🙂

    1. Hi Sophia! Thanks! Not all toilets in Korea look like the one above but at least 99% of them have toilet paper and running water ;p

  10. i hope the Philippine government would start renovating public restrooms like this, or at least close to this. cleanliness should be a priority to prevent the spread of diseases and infections. after all, health care is very important to every person.

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  12. If this public toilet is inside a LOTTE Department Store then I bet any Greenbelt or Ayala Mall toilet in the Philippines is equally clean and efficient.
    I should be posting soon the public toilets of Hongdae, Hoegi, and Sinchon… complete opposite of what you see here. ã…‹ã…‹ã…‹ It’s just funny how Filipinos look down on themselves when they see photos like these. RP indeed has a BIG international PR/image problem. If it’s the Philippines, it must always be the dirty, negative, ugly, mediocre, corrupt side, disregarding the other side. Ate Betchay, you should check out the best toilet in RP and take photos din, hahaha. Baka magsuicide na yung mga Pinoy na makakakita ng toilet na ito sa Seoul. lol

  13. HI, Betchay. Your blogs have been a lot of help on our visit to korea last week. BUt you know, I can’t find a toilet in Nandaemun. Or was I just in a wrong place (mall)

  14. No offense ha, but Greenbelt 1 doesnt have tissue, to think na it’s already a high-class mall. =( naiinis ako pag gumagamit ako ng CR nila (madalas kasi ako dun) at walang tissue. i ended up na pumupunta pa ako sa ibang parts of Greenbelt (4, 5) or even Starbucks Greenbelt para lang mag-CR dahil expected ko nang walang tissue doon.

  15. omigosh. this reminds me of the toilets at the Narita Airport. sigh. if only public toilets in the Philippines were like this…

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