Filipino Day in South Korea

Not exactly! On May 8th, Filipinos in South Korea will gather to celebrate “Labor Day” and “Filipinos Day”. The Labor Day celebration will be held on May 8th (Sunday) at the Tongsong High School soccer field in Hyewha-dong. It will be an all-day event from 9AM to 6PM with the following activities:
* Labor counseling services
* Philippine Embassy consular services
* Filipino Food Festival
* Games
* Mass (1:30 PM at Hyehwadong Church)
* Banking and remittance services and many more!
The Filipino Day will be held in Incheon and is sponsored by the Incheon City Government, Incheon Tourism Office, Incheon International Cooperation and Exchange, and the Incheon Catholic International Community. This will also be an all-day event featuring a “Santacruzan” and a Singing Contest (auditions were held last Sunday) among others.
You can go to both events and enjoy!


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