Teacher beating student for tardiness

I saw this video last Saturday night but I was too tired to share it. A teacher was beating a student for being more than twenty minutes late. The clip was taken at Everland during a field trip of 3rd year middle school students from Incheon. The teacher hit the boy on the head and slapped him several times. The boys talking on the video said that the teacher also kicked him on the groin.

Corporal punishment is now illegal in schools in Korea. I guess some old habits are just hard to break. Unlike alcohol addiction that can be treated in alcohol rehab treatment centers, there really is no center for teachers who are used to beating their students. Or is there?


    If this were teacher my parents would surely give him/her a lesson. Am pretty sure she wouldn’t want to see the fangs of my monster mom and the mouth of my father’s gun!

  2. aysh!
    Kakainis naman~~~~
    huuh kawawa yung bata~
    as a teacher, i never did, and never would I do dat to students!

  3. Ito pla yung sinasabi sa news. Npka salbahe nman ng teacher. Nkita ko nga sa news sinipa pa ang bata. Tsk tsk tsk… Now she has to face criminal charges. Suits her.

    1. Oo… ilang beses niya sinipa yung bata… grabe talaga, isipin mo na lang kung anak mo yan di ba?

  4. this is sad. got to tutor some kor kids last winter and they were surprised when i told them filipino teachers are not allowed in any way to beat/touch (even verbally abuse) students here. i was equally shocked with their response when i told them those kinds of teachers gets reprimanded or even jailed.

  5. I Can’t imagine how sometimes teachers are cruel,I mean abusing students verbally and physically.I remember my teacher in Elementary,a grade 6 teacher she will hit us in the head(most of the time toward my male classmates),sobrang sakit mangurot,will hit us using her infamous stick,pinipingot kami and to top it off before mag start ang class we have to make sure na natanggal lahat ng damo sa garden at nadiligan lahat ng halaman.As in it’s like we’re in a martial law.T T mag iigib kami ng tubig 1 kilometer away.I was forever tormented by all this abuse.And to think na wala siyang anak tapus ginawa niya lahat ng un. Pag ako naging elementary teacher I’ll be the best teacher that they ever had

  6. yan ang ayaw na ayaw ko mangyari sa mga kids ko d2 sa korea many times ko nang narinig about that….dapat sa ganyan teacher tagalin ang lisensya para magtanda!!!!!

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