Spring give-away: Rain collectible

So who won the BYJ giveaway? Since I replied to some of the comments, I used the “Random Name Picker” of Classtools.net. I honestly forgot to post the result of this give-away.

Congratulations foxylady!

The next give-away is for Rain fans. It will end on May 5th at 11:59 PM. I’ll be giving away “Road for Rain” cellphone charm and a “Road for Rain” keychain for one lucky fan. I’m not a fan of Bi so I want to know why you are a fan ;p


  1. Wow! I saw my name but I still wasn’t picked. hahaha! i am really unlucky when it comes to raffles. congratulations to foxy lady!

    1. he’s super hot like burn your hand on the fire. But people like him for much more than that, cause hot guys that just depend on looks are boring. Rain is never. He is funny to watch on TV and smart enough to run his own company + create his own fashion brand six2five.

  2. i love rain for his talent… despite of his humble beginnings…if im correct he is just a back up dancer before…
    hope i will win this time…:(((

  3. I like Rain because his a good singer and dancer. I love his “love song” music video too. ♥ ♥ ♥

    1. Within 10 years, Rain has succeeded in becoming one of the better-known artist not only in Korea, and not only Asia.. but the World! He made korean “american dream” true!

      1. geee!! Elyoka, you replied most of the pots here..^^ Well I hope that you will win this time. ^.~

        1. thank you! i hope for that bright day too! =)
          I’d love to have smth with Rain’s name on it.

      1. Please keep your fingers crossed for me! =D
        (i can sent one of the items (keychain or cellphone charm) to you, if i am the winner!). I have to win! PLZZZ!

        1. really? well I really hope that you will win this time so you can send me one of those too!hahaha. I’ll keep my fingers crossed for you.

  4. oops, sorry I was so happy about give-away for Rain fans, that hardly read the task =)
    I do LOVE Rain’s modesty and his huge talant! he is the best!

    1. CONGRATS!
      i hope i will also be congratulated after May 5th, 11:59 PM… plzzzzz

  5. I love Rain for so many reasons. He’s a versatile artist, can sing and dance well; gorgeous man; humble; workaholic; and dedicated to his career. He’s awesome! That’s why he was recognized as Time magazine’s most influential person in the world.

  6. I LOVE Rain’s caring personality and smile.
    I LOVE Rain’s songs and dance
    I LOVE Rain’s dramas and films
    I LOVE Rain’s modesty and honesty
    I LOVE Rain’s energy and confidence
    I LOVE Rain’s endurance and dedication
    I LOVE Rain’s heart and his shining eyes.
    I LOVE Rain’s attitude and loyalty
    i LOVE him for who he is plus all the above..
    he is a perfect guy! no kidding!

  7. Rain is a multi-talented Entertainer (song and dance)
    He is one of Asia’s Biggest Pop Star now! ^_^

  8. Rain also recognized in 2007 People’s Magazine list of “The Most Beautiful People” in the world.

  9. I like Rain because he’s adorable, talented and of course because of his chocolate abs. ^^

    1. i highly recommend you to watch his another drama ‘Fugitive’. It is an action drama, but i liked the plot and acting. Rain is casting in ‘Red Muffler’ right now.

  10. “Red Muffler” is an action blockbuster that draws the life and love of the Korean pilots that fly fighter planes to solve problems on the Korean Peninsula.

      1. Yup! It’s confirmed they changed their title from Red Muffler to “Flight: Close to the Sun”.

    1. after all comments above, i hope you’ve learnt a lot about Rain and soon will join the army of his fans! =)

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