Month of May celebrations

Tomorrow, May 5th, is Children’s Day in Korea. It’s one of the two non-working holidays we have this month. The other is Buddha’s Birthday on May 10th.

Tulips at Seoul Forest
Tulips at Seoul Forest

May is known as the Family Month in Korea. Here are the other special days we’re celebrating this month in the peninsula:
May 8th – Parents’ Day
May 11th – Adoption Day
May 15th – Teacher’s Day and Family Day
May 16th – “Coming of Age” Day
May 19th – Inventor’s Day
May 20th – Foreigner’s Day
May 22nd – Couples’ Day
May 25th – Disaster Prevention Day
May 31st – Marine Day
and what about the 14th of May? It’s Rose Day – the day when lovers give each other roses!
The 14th of May is also Yellow Day – when one is supposed to eat curry. I love curry!
Before I forget… May 9th is my 7th Korean wedding anniversary while May 24th is my son’s 5th birthday.
May 8th is Filipinos’ Day in Incheon while it’s also the Labor Day at Hyehwa-dong. Manny Pacquaio will also be boxing against Shane Mosley. While my husband will work on that day at a trade show for their company in Ilsan’s KINTEX. He’s now checking their booth, the trade show flooring, and whatever needs to be checked. Meanwhile, we’ll be having our Children’s Day party at work!


  1. Don’t forget Mother’s Day on May 8th. Happy Mother’s Day Ms. Betchay! 🙂

  2. thanks Ms. Betchay! As always – very interesting info! I was well surprized to know koreans have a day-off on Children’s Day! It definitely helps fathers to spend more time with his family / children. That’s really good.

  3. Hi Ms. Betchay…Happy 7th Korean Wedding Anniversary and Happy Family Day. Beautiful Tulips anyway!! I love it….

  4. It’s May 8 — Happy Mom’s Day and Happy Parent’s Day to you Ms. Bechay!! ^_^

  5. wow! andami palang holiday pag MAY. kaya pala May ang kasal nung friend namin jan. Specifically, May 14! Rose day, saturday. weee!

  6. Wow! I just wish my visa app will be approved because i plan to visit Seoul mid-May… 20th is Foreigners’ Day, just the time of my planned trip 🙂 Good luck na lang sa akin! 🙂

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