Rainy day must

We had a couple of rainy days last week. Last Saturday, the rain poured heavily and it got so dark in Seoul. I like it when it rains sometimes, but not on a weekend when you’re supposed to have some fun time with your family.
When it rains, it’s a must to bring an umbrella… or else you’ll lose your hair! I learned that from my Korean friends and I should’ve known that years ago. I really hate carrying an umbrella especially a big one – like what we have here at home.
In most buildings in Korea, you’ll find this:

Outside the Seoul Post Office in Myeongdong
Outside the Seoul Post Office in Myeongdong

It’s an umbrella cover dispenser. I took the picture in Myeongdong, when I bought some body acne products. It has two dispensers: short one for foldable umbrellas and the longer one for umbrellas that can’t be folded. Too bad that they use a lot of plastic – but it gets recycled anyway. It was great a few weeks ago, when it was reported that the rain carried some radioactive materials. At least, you could avoid touching the wet umbrella ;p


  1. nice concept! but yeah! i was thinking of the plastic trash too! if we have that in the Philippines, we’d have worse floods because of more drainage clogs!

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