Kim Hyun Joong SHOWCASE

Fans have been waiting for the release of Kim Hyun Joong’s mini-album. KHJ was a member of the famous Korean idol group SS501. He became internationally famous in the Korean hit drama Boys Over Flowers and Playful Kiss.
Kim Hyun Joong’s mini-album will be released on Tuesday, June 7th. It’s a holiday here in Korean on June 6th. The album will be available in stores on the 8th. His new music video for the song “제발” or “Please” was released two days ago. It’s a new Kim Hyun Joong we’re seeing…

So why am I suddenly writing about him? It’s because I received a SMS yesterday while on my way to work about his free showcase for his fans. Kim Hyun Joong SHOWCASE will be held on Tuesday at 7:30 PM. The venue is at Jangchung Gymnasium in Jung-gu. Admission is free for all 4,000 fans who will attend the show. Oh, I’m one of those who got lucky. I’m just not sure if I could go there though ;p


  1. Annyeong..could you please give me the kim hyun joong ticket if you do not mind? I really really wish to attend the event and I am in Seoul Jungno now. I do not mind paying for the ticket.
    Please reply me! thank you

    1. Hi! If I could give away the ticket, I would but I need to present my ID and get it before the event.

  2. i wish someday Rain’d have a free show for his fans too…. but as you said, when it is free the chances to get in are much less than when you buy a ticket. GL!
    so, are you a fan of KHJ??

    1. hmm… i’m not really a fan of any Korean singer or idol group but I enjoy going to events ;p

  3. btw! KHJ’s new MV is soo much looks like Rain’s “Love Song”! OMG! mic dance on the roof, scenes with GF, almost everything! and all that is the evidence that Rain is the best!!!! whatever he does is immediately copied by others =)

  4. Hello!
    I’m one of the avid fans of HJ….and so glad I found this blog that also updates about our only one KIM HYUN JOONG.
    Thanks for writing and updating about him. I’m already in Korea with my daughter who married a Korean national. And so happy to know that I have my co-national who are interested in writing about Pinoy’s life in Korea.
    It’s so nice reading your blog, thanks to my friend who gave me your links.
    More power to your blog and good luck!
    Have a nice day!
    Take care and GOD BLESS!

    1. Hi Lina! Too bad that I need to get the ticket personally on the day of the event. But I couldn’t do that since I work until 620 and I need to pick up my son afterwards.

      1. Thanks much for your reply!……..I’m just interested to the invitations cause of the seats near to the stage. I can use my ID HENECIA in entering the venue, so that’s not a problem and I can get my entrance ticket.
        Take care!
        Have a nice day and God bless!

  5. wow!!!! you are so lucccckkkkkyyyyy!!!! I hope you can attend the showcase so you can share with us the pictures!!! I,m a super fan of KHJ =)

  6. Ms Betchay!!! What I would do to be in Seoul right now!!!! You know how much I LOVE my baby, KHJ!!!
    It’s nice to know that Tita Linz(Lina Perez) has already found your blog!! She’s an Unnie & a very talented “HYUNNIE”/Henecian, as well…met her before she went to Seoul last month!!!
    Please ATTEND Joongie’s showcase, chingu…millions would have wanted to be in your place!!!
    Take care & keep in touch!!!
    I wrote you a msg on your FB Inbox…hope you’ll add my new friends to your FB account, KOMAWO, chingu ya!!!

  7. dear ms bechay,
    let me introduce myself. i am what you would call honorable in my current position. but i have never been predictable and have refused to be boxed in by conventions. people are of the mistaken belief that once you reach a certain age, you have to act your age. wsell i and my 73 yr. old mom have defied convention and have opted to enjoy life as it comes our way. and that way is the way where kim hyun joong beckons us. i have written countless of blogs about him, for him and lately in his defense. when we went to korea last year, we failed to see leader brought about my limitations (i am a disable, a recovering stroke victim) and my mom who is 73 and happens to be my caregiver. we can find our way around and we do not just depend on people. we are returning to korea. i have sent distressed signals to friends so that maybhe we can see, ny, meet leader up close and personal. i just want to see him and maybe hug him. he gave me the inspiration to live despite the disabilities i still suffer. my mom prays for him every night. to say, we love him is an understatement. d na po ako nahihiyang sabihin ang nasa puso ko. mam, if you can help us (a 53 yr old and 73 yr old ajummas), you will make our return to korea so meaningful. we will be arriving in seoul on june 10 and departing june 15. please if you can assist us in any way, i will be so grateful.

  8. Hi Ms. Betchay!! He’s coming to the Philippines this July? That’s one answered prayer for me!! Hoping and praying that visit will push through! I’m a new KHJ fan and also wishing to see him in person in Manila 🙂 Thanks much for the updates!

  9. Hi Betchay,
    I’m Iza from Kuala Lumpur. Any chance if I would like to ask you to buy for me KHJ’s mini album. How much is the CD?
    Hope to hear from you soon:).

      1. and pls add some info about the show (if possible). Did many people come? more than 4000, or less? what does korean media say about his new MV (any rumors of its resemlense with Rain’s last MV?)
        Thanks! Ms.Betchay, you are our eyes to Korea and Seoul in particular =)

  10. Hi Betchay,
    Found your blog while browsing about Korea, I am one of the korean drama addict. Hoping one day I can visit Korea. I liked your blog lots of info.
    Hope you got some shoots of KHJ and please post here 🙂
    Keeping posting.

  11. Nanz, KHJ’s visit to Manila is still in the works..maybe if we can make his solo album sales reach a GOLD/Platinum award…Polyeast Records might just be able to bring him over…
    So please pre-order or buy his Break Down album when it gets launched here on July 2, 2011!!!
    If you want to pre-order & get freebies like posters & bag, you can find the details here:
    or email us here:

    1. Oh I thought he’s really coming… I guess I’m just excited for you guys if that happens.

    2. Hi Ms. Deanna! Thanks for the info! I think he can easily reach the Gold or Platinum Award. The Breakdown and Please MVs are awesome! Yup po, I’ve already pre-ordered from Ms. Grace…Looking forward for July 2! 🙂

  12. Good day, everyone!
    Wants to congratulate HJ for the success of his Showcase!……Good luck to your new album. He is really a PERFECT PERFORMER!!!!
    Thank you so much, Bechay!

  13. Dear Betchay,
    Hi there! Sorry to bother you again, did you by any chance post the details/price of KHJ CD? My friend is going to Korea on 16 June. Thot of asking her to buy the CD for me. Can you help where she can go to buy the CD and the price? Thanks so much for your help:).

  14. Dear Betchay,
    Hi there! Sorry to bother you again, did you by any chance post the details/price of KHJ CD? My friend is going to Korea on 16 June. Thot of asking her to buy the CD for me. Can you help where she can go to buy the CD? Thanks so much for your help:).

    1. Hi Iza! Ask her to get it at Hot Tracks in Times Square (Yeongdeungpo). Kim Hyun Joong will have a fan signing event on Sunday at Times Square for the first two hundred buyers of his album at Hot Tracks beginning today.

      1. Hi again Betchay,
        Thanks so much :). But not sure if she can go there or not, hopefully she can

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