Moving in Korea

We live in an apartment and we’ve been living in our two-bedroom 76 square meter unit for almost eight years. We decided last year to sell our unit move to a bigger box, but we’re also quite hesitant since we like our neighborhood so much. We live just a few meters from the subway station, a kilometer from Dongdaemun, a few hundred meters to Hyewha-dong, four kilometers from Namsan and so on. We just love this place!
Moving in Korea isn’t really difficult, even if you live in an apartment. Moving companies are everywhere and you’ll find out that most of them have “24” in their contact numbers. Moving is called 이사 (ee-sa) in Korea and the numbers 2 is 이 (ee) while 4 is 사 (sa) in Sino-Korean. If you check a full-featured Korean calendar (one that has both solar and lunar), you might also notice that some dates are labeled as auspicious for moving.
Moving companies have their own crates that you can use to pack your things. They also have fabrics to wrap most furnitures with. An elevator truck to easily move things in and out of apartment units – from chairs to wardrobes, fridge and even ATV Wheels if you want to keep it in your aparment!

Moving companies use elevator trucks to move things from one apartment building to another.
Moving companies use elevator trucks for an efficient move.

How much does moving costs? I honestly don’t know. I guess I’ll know the answer once our apartment is sold and we’ll need the services of a moving company ;p


  1. ate, when we moved in here last year, we just hired a moving truck minus the elevator truck. we didn’t have much anyway. all of the furniture and appliances were left behind except for hte bed and a few bookcases… from bupyeong to gimpo, we paid 270,000won..

    1. I’m just glad we don’t really have a lot of furnitures… so I hope we won’t need to pay that much. Kuripot much ;p

  2. Hi Ms. Betchay,
    It’s quite expensive. A few months after staying in our first apartment, we decided to buy our own apartment. Transferring cost us around 500,000krw. That is only for just a short distance. The farther the distance, the more expensive it is.

    1. I posted this last Monday and now we’re almost 99% sure that we’re going to move out in August.

  3. Please help where can I find listings
    also I am needing to store my belongings do they do this?
    I dont have that much but its already paked and ready to go when I have to vacate my apartment
    it’s just finding someone who stores things as well

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