Starbucks Seoul mug

My sister, who lives in Ohio, asked me to get her the Seoul Starbucks mug. I thought of getting two and give-away the other one. It has been a long time since I last gave away something. However, I might have a weekly give-away event since I need to clean up our house before we move to another home.
Anyway, here’s how the mug looks like. The background shows the two mugs that I bought. The Starbucks crew packed and sealed them well in boxes.

Seoul Starbucks mug
Seoul Starbucks mug

To win the mug, just tell us your opinion about Arirang TV. You can write down any program suggestion. Is it doing its job in promoting Korea worldwide? Any opinion, positive or negative is welcome. I’m not in any way connected with Arirang TV. I just want your opinion so a friend could forward your suggestions to the officials concerned. This give-away is not sponsored in any way by Arirang TV nor by Starbucks. Just me! Hehehe…
Random Number Picker will choose the winner. Contest ends on Friday, June 17th at 11:59 PM. Thanks!


  1. Hi Betchay!
    How much is the mug in Starbucks?Thanks.Im planning to buy a mug for my Indonesian friend this October when I Visit Seoul but he prefers South Korea:0)
    Anyway,im watching Arirang sometimes just to know the latest happenings in Korea.Since their medium of reporting is English where I can understand.

  2. Arirang tv is a realy good program for me. It gives me the latest news about korea. My most favorite program in arirang is hand in hand 🙂

  3. i love this mug! i got myself a starbucks mug too but its not like this. mine says “The Korean Script”. it shows the old way how was hangul is written. or maybe it wasnt even called hangul becaus it still has chinese characters. neomu joah! but I LOOOOOVE THIS ONE TOO!! 🙂 SEOUL = <3

  4. my korean husband and i would always tuned in to arirang tv..its very “EDUtaining” (educational and entertaining…ã…‹ã…‹ã…‹)…it gives me ideas about whats happening and a feeling of ” belongingness” in KOrea..we love watching together “all together top talent” , “lets speak korean” , “love”,” hand in hand” etc..This is one channel that we could both understand….:)

  5. I’m not really a coffee drinker but if I get this mug, I will give it as a gift to my husband. 🙂 In case I don’t get it, I’m just happy to share my two-cents worth on Arirang TV.
    Almost a decade ago when I first got a chance to catch Arirang TV, that was way before the hallyu began. It gave me a window to Korean life and enjoyed some funny sitcom about a pilot and flight stewardess and their families. I have no idea who the actors and actresses on that sitcom but it stuck to me.
    Although it never made me dream of going to Korea or even marrying a Korean at all (which I eventually did fast forward a few years), Arirang TV/Radio does it’s job of sharing Korea to the world. It’s almost like BBC of UK. I do hope that they’ll continue on and strengthen their programs. (I would like to see/hear some progs about learning Korean for expat Korean kids. They already have quite a few for adults and that’s good.)
    Greetings from PHP…

  6. arirang tv is my only source of local news since i don’t understand korean…hope to win the mug!kkk

  7. i really like arirang tv and tune in there everyday.. but when tvn was launched i don’t visit that channel that much anymore..
    cause as a k-ent fan arirang doesn’t give me that much satisfaction like tvn..
    i hope there would be more k-ent programs in arirang 🙂

  8. Hi ms betchay! =)
    I like Arirang TV.
    Many programs are interesting except for the quite old dramas they still show. My two-cents worth. =)

  9. Hi Betchay,
    Before i always watched Arirang TV but when TVN launched i’m addicted to it na because of the Halyu stars esp Sandara Park of 2ne1. What i hate about these 2 channels is that most of their shows are aired repeatedly.
    And i want to make a request from you that please always feature news regarding my fave star Sandara Park, please.

  10. Hi Ms. Betchay…
    I like watching ARIRANG TV because the language they’re using is English. Its advantage for us who doesn’t understand korean language. Its a way of promoting Korean into a global world. I suggests to feature some new korean drama series…ARIRANG TV more power and keep featuring our favorite KPOP star….

  11. I love showbiz extra before. I love their daily/weekly documentary show about the firefighters in Korea as well (dont know the title though).
    Strong areas:
    1. showing of short films/commercial highlighting nice places in Korea, new developments and festivals.
    2. Visually simulating Station ID (or whatever you call it)
    Areas for improvement:
    1. Concrete program schedule for the foreign viewers for different time zones.
    2. Replay and Replay and Replay.

  12. It seems to me that Arirang TV represents Korea well not only via the TV channel but also through their sponsored concerts in other countries (recently Taiwan) and even through their online website, and mobile applications. It remains to be the one-stop shop for Korean essentials for me ~ news, weather, social discourse, k-entertainment, travel and so much more! Lately, I’ve come to appreciate how Arirang has highlighted how foreigners live in Korea by short features on their blogs. It was a clever way to encourage non-locals to explore Korea and its culture. It would be fun to have more Arirang contests either on the tv programs or on their online sites (youtube, twitter etc). This would help better promote the channel and have more people interested in Korea itself.

  13. Hi Ms. Betchay,
    Arirang TV is currently airing in manila thru skycable, they share a lot of information about Korea, what i love the most is Showbiz Extra and Pops in Seoul (UKISS radio school) recently the radio school has been shut down due to the disbandment of Alexander;
    However they did a very good job in bringing distinct informations about Korea. More power and God Bless Ms. Betchay!!

  14. Hi Ms. Betchay,
    I’ve been watching Arirang TV for couple of years now. It’s my source of information about Korean Entertainment. I love Showbiz Extra, Pops in Seoul and All Together. I just hope that they would bring back I Am Story w/c features the lives of hallyu stars on how and when they started. It is actually in Arirang TV where I got my first Kpop CD of Younha (They used to have a weekly contest wherein i won that CD and that was like 5 years ago). Sana ibalik din nila yung contest na yun sa Showbiz Extra to make it more fun. More power to Arirang TV! 🙂

  15. well, ARIRANG TV was my favorite show. It helped me a lot to know all about Korea. I love all the programs they have especially LET’S SPEAK KOREAN. This show helps to promote their country. I hope there’s Philippine version of this show.
    I miss to watch this, just too busy with my works. TT.TT
    Love to watch it again!

    1. Annyeong! My addiction to Korean novelas led me to your blog and to my present job as an on line English teacher. Anything Korean I lap it up. kekekek.
      I tune in regularly to Arirang TV particularly the segment Travels with Benjamin(?) it is a food show where Benjamin a European native but now based in Korea showcases the vast cuisine of Korea. He travels in search of the food and where they originated, thus affording viewers not only gastronomic information but cultural background as well . Viewers are drawn to the history of the food and its culture. Good job, Arirang and good job to you too for being a link to us non- Koreans who are very much interested in anything but Korean. ^^

  16. about arring …what to say , no words, in my opinion arirang is doing their best for all the people in korea or out of korea as well as for the nation also.its heart of seoul,soul of viewers and proud of the nation.arirang is like a open book about korea through which whoever can get knowledge , entertainment as well as other lots of benifits.for example…i am in korea since 2008 but i am watching this channal since 2004(when i was in my country) i have heard that nowadays this channal is one of the most popular channal in our country . because of this channal korean( food, drama, song n fashion ) r very famous in my county n teenagers like to copy …. so i believe that arirang is popular in other country also.
    at last arirang is the one who is helping to keep global relation to the world.
    i am very grateful 2 arirang , i just love arirang…wish u all the best .

  17. Arirang makes me want to visit Korea more. The shows are very informative and inviting. It serves as a gateway of information about Korea.

  18. 오 와!!! A korean mug from my fave cafe store!!! Arirang is pretty helpful to those who wants to know more about korea. Be it in the latest happenings in showbiz, latest fashion trends, yummy foods they offer, daily news, newest k-pop songs but my fave is how tO speak korean.. It is the best of all their program!!!:)))) well i just hope that they air new dramas. Hehe. And the freebies from kpop artist.. Hope they’ll bring it back! Haha. Like the pics of the korean stars with their siggies! :))) wow..i really love your bag ate betchay!more power to you! Salamat ng madami!pinasasaya mo kaming lahat! :)))

  19. And one thing..hope they can air reality shows which features korean stars.. Hehe. Ung bang parang wgm..ung mga ganun o kaya sana makapagpalabas din sila nun strong heart na concept 🙂 cute kasi nun eh! Haha!

  20. It is years ago i’ve watched Arirang for the first time. Yet I still remember that waht they broadcasted that year. It was a TV dorama. some kind of a comedy. I liked the plot. they funny thing is that the dorama was in korean. but yet i liked it =) Now, they broadcast KBS Int instead of Arirang. it is nice too

  21. My opinion on Arirang TV is good, because you can watch news and updates on Korea anywhere in the world i think… It has shows with lots of information… It’s good for me because I want to go to South Korea someday. ^.^

  22. Way back in college, i used to watch Arirang TV. I’m a big fan of korean culture so I watch Arirang TV. I like it a lot because their main language is English plus it has subtitle. Makes it easier to understand.

  23. when I was still in Philippines, I didn’t really pay so much attention to Arirang TV, because ofcourse, ABSCBN and GMA, plus other cable channels are really entertaining. Personally, when I hear “Arirang”.. first thing that comes to my mind is: travel to korea. I always think that it is just a tourism channel. But when I came here last year, I’ve been accessing the programs of arirang through its website. i was so surprised that it have a lot of other programs. The radio is very informational too. Although as for the news program, it has to build its reputation because, people think that it just reports positive things about korea. and that Arirang is mainly controlled by the government.
    Last April, i was able to join Arirang’s Top Talent show. The director and staff were all very nice. The program inserts multicultural issues, which makes it more than the usual talent show TV program.

  24. Hi ate Betchay!
    I love watching arirang because it really is opening the viewers eyes to the world of Korea. They give us viewers the knowledge on how koreans live and grow on the daily basis. They also updates us to some trends around the world. They also feature not only koreans but also multicultural family who fell in love not only to koreans but also to the country “Korea” and lives there as well.

  25. Even people not that familiar with Hallyu knows that if it’s Arirang, it has something to do with Korea. I love the fact that its main language is English, so it’s easier for us who are not fluent in Hangul. This channel gives us the latest buzz though I have to agree with most that they tend to repeat shows too many times 😛

  26. ARIRANG TV is synonymous to the lifestyle channel that I religiously watch wherever I’m in the Philiippines or abroad.
    I love watching it because it’s a hodgepodge of interest.
    Television is the most effective medium of promoting Korea and its culture into the world. I suggest that they also give enough exposure to the other places of interest especially the culinary capital “Jeonju” and the culture city “Gyeongju”.

  27. Since I’m still on the process of learning Korean language, Aside from this blog site, Arirang TV helps me to be well informed and be entertained through its informative shows in a language that i can throughly I understand. Thanks a lot! more power^^

  28. Since I’m still on the process of learning Korean language, Aside from this blog site, Arirang TV helps me to be well informed and be entertained through its informative shows in a language that i can throughly I understand. Thanks a lot! more power^^

  29. I think Arirang TV is doing a good job showcasing Korean life and culture. It doesn’t show enough personal stories though, like how the chaebols started or homes of celebrities.

  30. OMG! I just discovered your amazing website and realize about the give-away >.< Please, can you just count on me too? TT___TT
    I will give my opinion: I watch Arirang TV every day and I love its awesome TV programming, I can decide on one TV show, but the most I love is all the perspectives they show us about Korea. Especially, my favorites TV shows are: 'Arirang Today', 'Hand in Hand' and, of course, 'Showbiz Korea' and 'Pops in Seoul'.
    Thanks, have a nice day =)

  31. Arirang channel is very helpful in promoting korean culture to other countries since they use english as the main language making it easy to understand. Being a fan of kdramas it also keeps me updated about the latest korean entertainment happenings. :))

  32. Hi Ms Betchay,
    how i understand Arirang TV: it is an informative cable channel that has a balance of news, lifestyle, feature stories of Koreans living in Korea and abroad, culture, history, language and hallyu. it even feature how foreigners are doing/living in at Korea, how foreigners see Korea as exchange students and how they live in Korea (multicultural families). why there are replays: because it caters for those with different timezones. i think this is the objective of Arirang–similar to CNN, BBC and other international cable channels.
    as for pure entertainment, this can be reserved for other channels like TVN.
    however, they can still add information on how average Koreans live and how they were able to turn the country around and be one of the most progressive countries.

  33. Hi,
    ARIRANG TV…this international, English-language network based in Seoul, South Korea presents cultural features, documentaries, language programs and other entertaining segments designed to give viewers a contemporary and accurate look at Korea, Asia and the world at large.I like watching this channel because of its entertainment and informative format. Esp documentaries which is one of my favorite.
    on the negative side, it would be of good value if this channel will answer this criticism “Arirang TV has been viewed by one observer as very ‘biased and unrealistic’ in its coverage of South Korea, many of their programs allegedly showing characteristics of propaganda, similar to China’s CCTV-9. It has also been known to censor negative views of South Korea…

  34. Hi Ms. Betch! 🙂 trying my luck again in another give away.. 😀
    I really like ArirangTV. I’ve been a fan of the channel ever since I started getting interested in anything Korean. I think it’s very educational and very informative especially the advertisements about each city or district in Korea (may it be a business district or for tourism/cultural purposes). Let’s Speak Korean is my favorite show because I really learn a lot about the Korean Language. And as to my Kpop addiction, Showbiz Korea (before Showbiz Extra) and Pops in Seoul are shows I really don’t want to miss. They’re a little late in their Kpop news though but they deliver good movie and music reviews which are helpful for not Korean speakers who are enthusiastic about Kpop and Korean Entertainment. I actually like how ArirangTV has transformed throughout the years. The hosts of my favorite shows are more fun to watch and are more enthusiastic in hosting now compared before. And there are more fun new shows added now. I hope they keep on updating and keep on thinking of new fun shows like variety shows perhaps and better cooking shows/lifestyle shows that will entice viewers to try Korean Cuisine and drinks and of course Korean fashion..

  35. I didn’t make it again 🙁 The winner is #19 and mine is #11, not too bad anyway..Just keep on trying..Your blog is recommendable. More information plus give a ways equals awesome!…More power!

    1. Hi akishta! I have a lot of things at home that I’ll be giving away. Just wait for them…

  36. I was really close! :))) love reading ur blog ate betchay! Can’t wait for the other freebies! Thanks for my suju 3rd 집 album!:))) I’ll try and try coz i don’t have anything to lose instead im gaining! Hihi. Thanks ate for making us happy! Godbless you always.. Salamat ng madami! 🙂

  37. Just saw that my comment disaappered from here and I think it never got through.
    That is a cool looking mug and I wish I could say something about that arirang tv but unfortenately I don’t know anything about it.

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