Kim Hyun Joong's Breakdown give-away

Starbucks Seoul mug winner
Starbucks Seoul mug winner
My last post on this blog was almost two weeks ago. And I blame my super busy schedule last week. I was supposed to post the winner of the Starbucks Seoul mug on the 18th but I couldn’t. Anyway, Random Number Picker picked commenter 19. I’ll send you an email so I could get your shipping address ;p
Thanks to all those who shared their thoughts about Arirang TV.
Two weeks ago, someone asked me to get her Kim Hyun Joong’s new album “Breakdown” specifically at Hot Tracks in Times Square. I didn’t mind going there since I also had to shop for my husband’s summer shirts and it was just a station away from where I work. Anyway, I wasn’t able to meet her during her stay in Korea. So I guess, I’ll just give-away the CD. I like Kim Hyun Joong but I’m not really into Kpop.
Kim Hyun Joong's Breakdown
Kim Hyun Joong's Breakdown

So if you’re interested, just post your comment on why you like/love Kim Hyun Joong. This blog give-away runs now until Friday, July 2nd at 11:59 PM. Comments posted after the said date will not be included. TWO winners will get one CD each – poster NOT included. Winner will be chosen through Random Number Picker.
I might just be posting blog give-aways since I’m getting rid of stuff at home ;p Watch out for these give-aways soon: SPAO Girls Generation T-shirts, Little Prince diary, BB Cream (BRTC, Innisfree, Skinfood, Mamonde).


  1. I love his charisma, positive personality, constant striving for improvement and excellence and his devotion to his fans.

  2. I love his 4D-ness and he’s really generous cause he participates in a lot of charity events 🙂

  3. I really like Kim Hyun Joong because he’s very handsome and funny in the We Got Married tv series wherein he was paired to
    Hwang bo. Since then i love to watch her tv series like Playfull Kiss, Boys over flower etc

  4. I love him not becoz gwapo xa but he helps other especially dito s Pinas. Twice p xang nagdonate!!!! And he loves his fans!!!! Magiging good husband din xa ( just watch We Got Married season 1). I heard he wants 4 children!!!!

  5. There’s really nothing NOT to like about Kim Hyun Joong ^^. Dreamy eyes, melting smile and a killer wit! Plus, he’s really working hard to achieve his goals and inspire people while on it as well.

  6. I super like kim hyun joong…^^ I don’t know why, maybe because he looks so kind and he’s so appealing!!! He looks like Bae yong joon too!(^.^)

  7. Kim Hyun Joong is my hero. He was my inspiration for my weight continuous loss and his bright smile is giving me a bright, sincere personality despite his recent schedules. How I wish I could have a “hyung” like him.

  8. I super loooove Kim Hyun Joong since I was in high school. He’s very handsome. He’s a very good actor and seeing him brings smile to my face. He has charms plus, he’s also very talented. I love his voice. His music is some kind of a therapy for me. It reduces my stress. Kim Hyun Joong is my ultimate crush!!! I would die to see him!!!

  9. I just found out about him when I started watching Boys Over Flowers and his character in the show, the way he calmly acts and stares like his seeing your soul and let’s not forget his adorable smile. Oh, I fell for him instantly. I researched about him and found out that his a SS501 member. I also watched his drama Playful Kiss. Now, here he is, performing on his own. Even though he’s on his own now, I’m glad that he won in the KBS Music Bank last June 24!!! Fighting Kim Hyun Joong! I love you and will support you!

  10. I started to like KHJ since Boys over flower. That time also he was a member of an IDOL group. Now I’ve watched all his drama series just like playfull kiss which is currently shown here in Philippines (GMA 7). He’s so humble and generous…

  11. First of all, as the leader of SS501, he’s really a caring hyung 🙂 i love how he take cares of his members. and when members having solo comebacks, he will visit them to give his fullest support! 🙂 his’s 4D-ness, dancing skills, charismatic vocals and appearance, i just love this guy – KIM HYUN JOONG :3

  12. HE IS HOT, HE HAS NICE VOCAL AND HE ACTS WELL IN DRAMAS, especially in BOF, killing acts 😀

  13. First of all, as the leader of SS501, he is such a caring hyung 🙂 he takes care of his members, and when members are making their solo comeback, he will show up and give his fullest support! his 4D-ness, charismatic vocals and appearance, i just love this guy – KIM HYUN JOONG! :3

  14. Kim hyun joong is one of the korean actors that i like the most. Aside from the obvious fact that he is really good looking, he is also a very good actor and singer. I first saw him in BOF and I totally liked him there, but it was in Playful Kiss that I went gaga over him. How he portrayed the role is really amazing.

  15. Who couldn’t love him? He’s gorgeous and extremely talented! He has a unique personality. He’s very down to earth and generous. Most importantly, he always shows his love for his fans.

  16. I like Kim Hyun Joong because he’s a great Korean singer and actor. Plus he is handsome too. His acting skills in BOF and Playful Kiss is so good. 🙂

  17. started to like him after watching We Got Married ^^ i just love his honesty and 4D-ness…plus, he is really talented and very hard working! and has good manners too – his hyung Bae Young Joon said it himself! ^^

  18. His charismatic aura is enough reason for EVERYONE to love him. He is not afraid to show his 4D characteristics and it allows his fans and even those who don’t know him yet to understand his ways! I just saw the “Happy Together” show where his twin look-a-likes from the Boyfriend group were there and the 3 of them were awesome!
    Keep posting these give aways Ate Betchay! You’re readers all look forward to your post everyday!

  19. I like his voice and i admire his determination to continually improve himself as an actor.

  20. Who wouldn’t love KHJ? He’s got the talents (may it be in dancing, singing or acting), looks, unique personality, plus the heart! 🙂 Such a humble person in real life, very down to earth too. 🙂

  21. I like Kim Hyun Joong because of his 4D personality. He’s also a great performer. I was lucky enough to see him live when he visited Manila. I liked him even more when I heard that he donated a big amount of money to a foundation for single moms in PH.

  22. I liked Kim Hyun Joong ever since BOF.:) I love his personality too, the 4D personality.. very funny ^^ I also love how his determination made him who he is now.:)

  23. Well, I remembered a line in “Slumdog Millionaire”.
    Latika (girl): “Why do you love me?”
    Jamal (boy): “Because you are kind, you are the most beautiful.
    My turn, why do you love me?”
    Latika: “No reason. I just do. Because love is.”
    Love is sometimes difficult to fathom, one should not give reason for it, we feel it, it consumes us, and we express it no matter what and even if sometimes it’s unreciprocated it doesn’t bother us. (artista eh. HAHAHAHA)
    What more important is that it gives us hapiness and we want that person happy… whether it includes you or not.

  24. i like Kim Hyun Joong because he’s handsome, a very good singer and a good actor too. i like his passion in playing the guitar just like me ^^

  25. Hjk oppa!!! Well just one word.. 4D! His dorkiness is really what i loved about him! Take care always! Love you oppa! 사 ëž‘ í•´ ìš”! 🙂

  26. Because he is really funny (and seems honest) on variety shows and i love is voice (and is reaaaalllyyyy handsome!!)

  27. I love his heart of gold, his many sides, how he’s talented, how he never gives up on a dream, I love tht he still had time for hid family when his schedule is extremely packed, I love tht he never listens to the haters, I love how he can do so many things for his fans, I love how he can never give up On his fans, I love how he makes me want to listen to his music all day long, but most of all love how he makes me love him
    Love is not explained in a any explanitation but love In a fans heart can never be known why it got there
    -Jasmine E.

  28. I like Kim Hyun Joong not only because he’s handsome and talented but also warm-hearted and really cares about his fans 🙂

  29. I don’t like Kim Hyun Joong…BUT MY MOM DOES!
    She really is a K-mom for him and I want to give her his album! LOL.

  30. i started to like khj since bof. then i watch we got married and loved him even more. i hope i win this contest because i like his new look. it really suits him. 🙂 he is very charming and talented. very cute too.

  31. i LIKE kim hyun joong so much because of his behavior and attitude and also was all started when i watch WGM… plus good looking handsome guy,great dancer,singer,actor,model, hmmn! what else “afraid to the oldies(granny) just older to him) LOL ^^

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