Korean scandal: A scorned youth

What netizens are talking about in Korea is the video of 지하철 막말남 or the scorned man in the subway. In this video, he was shown shouting invectives to an elderly couple. So much abusive language were coming out of his mouth that you could see the kids covering their ears. He is in his early 20s while the senior citizens are said to be in their 80s. Apparently, his shoe lightly touched the elderly man’s pants whenever the former crossed his legs. The senior citizen complained to the young man but the latter got enraged.
The netizens are on a witch hunt for the man’s personal information. I’ve seen links to his Cyworld homepage. His major and his university were also posted online and shared through Twitter. Even where he’s attending English classes has been posted. I pity his parents. A lot of the commenters online are blaming them for their son’s actions. Perhaps anger management class could help him.

I take the subway everyday and I’ve only witness a few incidents but nothing like this.


  1. There has to be something fundamentally wrong with this guy. Koreans are very particular about showing respect to their elderly and they learn this from a very young age. You probably hit the nail on its head when you said he needs to take anger management classes. There’s probably something that’s upsetting this person and he just blew up like a ticking time-bomb and reacted inappropriately to the situation.

    1. You’re right Ms. Annp. Last Wednesday, there were two men arguing in the subway – an old man probably in his 70s and another man in his 40s. Even if the old man was shouting, the younger man still spoke in a lower voice and he still used respectful language.

  2. hi Annp! indeed.. marami akong naencounter na ganyang students like when i say “you still have time, do it now so you won’t have (english academy) homework to do at home” and yeah, they’d suddenly go ballistic with Korean bad words etc… one of the student’s mom called and apologized to me. the boy said he didn’t direct the bad words to me but to his mom. he said why can’t his mom be like me daw..LOL! he meant “not giving him too much to do at home”…

    1. Hi Jehan! I visit your blog every now and then and I’m happy to see your little one doing so well. She’s such a cutie! Best regards to you and your family! 🙂

    2. Oohh… I won’t let a student cuss me. Most moms actually ask the teachers to hit their children when they misbehave or are disrespectful ;p
      I haven’t punished one physically and I usually just give them more work to do and they hate that!

      1. hi Annp! thank you very much..
        Ate Betchay, oo nga eh. the student who did that eventually left the academy. i really protested to the wonjangnim about him being unpunished that same night as i could see his other classmates were so stressed out too but they just keep quiet and appreciate the extra time they’re given. he apologized to me a lot of times, nagpa pizza pa mom nya pero he never got to forgive himself i think that he just asked to be transfered to a new academy… i liked him though coz he was usually polite and very active in class.. yun lang, biglang sumabog, kkk,…

  3. i think that his anger is uncalled for. siguro stress siya with something but i hope people will give him a second chance.

  4. omg! this guy is really mean. what ever happened to respect for the elders?! he must be really having a bad day. even so, it’s not an excuse to scream at anyone.

  5. i don’t know the truth, really. been teaching koreans for 5 years and that attitude is the same attitude i see in many korean students here. i mean, have not witnessed a scene like this but most often, especially when teaching online, korean students are not reluctant to show their real character. with my experience, many (not some) young students, like this guy on video, are immature, stubborn, short-tempered, impatient, and irritable (due to stress maybe). however, when i read blogs of expats living in korea they’d often say that koreans are nice people. am confused of who they really are. anyway, i will know when i visit korea next year. i hope it’ll be a pleasant trip.

  6. Ooops. Sorry! I saw the video na po. ^^
    @jehan: You know him? Naaawa din ako dun sa student kahit papaano since ang dami na may galit sa kanya. Kung may galit man sya sa mundo sana di nya dinamay yung mga tao sa paligid nya. tsss.

    1. hi Zeynie! nope.. i was referring to one of hte students sa academy nagwork an ko dati. maraming ganyang students. nadadaanan ko pa non kaaway mga ajosshi/ajumma or haraboji/halmoni sa train station malapit sa amin.. busy street so nagkakabanggaan and kung anu pa man… fortunately, walang nakita mama ko na incident while she was here. coz she said the korean students she sees in baguio are so loud and disrespectful…

      1. true ka jan! i always go to baguio at ang dami na talagang koreans dun. kaya lagi silang nagugulpi ng mga pinoy dun kasi mayayabang daw. you will see them sa mga party/bar places in baguio at sobrang maiingay.

  7. lucky me~never experienced this.
    Instead, I met kind Koreans both in the Phils and SoKor. ^^
    Filipino friends would always ask me about Koreans and their attitude. I would always answer that we’re all the same. There are good and bad, like Filipinos and other nationalities too.
    It’s just up to the person.

  8. I could never understand screaming at strangers. Unfortunately, I do it with my family, which is just as bad if not worse. I hate my anger and may need to enter anger management myself.

  9. very mean! one of my friend’s son screamed at me – barely 6 years old, international age – when i told him not to throw garbage in the soccer field. i stood my ground and he eventually followed. but i was so exasperated. the gall of this kid! his mom oftentimes chooses to be powerless against him. his little sister is following his footsteps, too. i once told the mom your son is very disrespectful.

  10. Shouting at elders is such a grave sin especially here in Korea. My family here is very particular with the honorific words you use for elderly people. If someone had done this to my grandma, I’d be in total rage! Rawr ^^

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