Korean scandal: Overprotective mom

Based on my experience, the elderly in Korean tend to be friendly with babies and toddlers. When my son was younger, there wasn’t a day when we’d go out that senior citizens would say “hi” and try to talk with my son. A number of times, they would also give him 1,000 won bill or candies. Grandmothers would sometimes touch his hand or pat his head. Grandfathers in the subway would also talk to him. I never thought of those gestures negatively. I thought they were naturally fond of babies/toddlers. I also never tried to stop elderly strangers from talking to my son. Now that my son is five years old, he is very confident talking to adults.
Anyway, two subway scandals are being talked about by netizens. First is this video of an “overprotective” mom. Apparently, a grandmother touched her child while they were in the subway. She asked the grandmother to stop. Suddenly, she got so angry and hit the grandmother on the head with a PET bottle. Her child said “Let’s go mom” but she still shouted angrily.

The Korea Times also ran a story on this video.


  1. ate Betchay, i was actually waiting for you to blog about this as i don’t know where to watch the video after reading about it on koreatimes.kkk…
    indeed.. elderly are so friendly with SooAe too coz she really smiles a lot however, i don’t like it when they ask to carry her, especially those who smell of cigaret smoke. i was also very protective of her when we first came home from the hospital but after a week or so, i became so confident that SooAe doesn’t easily get sick..

    1. Hi Jehan! It’s natural to be protective. It isn’t difficult to ask the elderly to please not touch the baby. Noong kasagsagan ng swine flu virus eh hindi ko rin pinahahawakan si Seonggyu. Kung medyo bingi yung matanda eh lakasan lang ng konti. Pero yung magwala, iba na yun.

      1. Ate Betchay, meron pala non yung pinuntahan namin ni alex kase nangungulit na gusto daw nya makita anak namin. iyak ng iyak non si sooAe kase nas–stress sya, ayaw nila isubo nya yung kamay/thumb nya kesyo daw babaho ang kamay nya. eventually kahit ako, di ko na mapatigil umiyak. yung isang ajumma, gustong magpakitang gilas yata kase nagb-babysit sya, walang kaabog abog na kinuha si sooae sa akin at sinabing “ganito magpatahan ng bata kase” pero sooAe screamed all the more. tapos bigla na lang nya ibinaba si SooAe sa sahig nila sabay sabing “wala akong ginawa ah, wala akong ginawa.” e sympre yung bata magrereact agad she rolled over and na out of balance. buti mabilis ako nahawakan/nasalo ko pa ulo bago mauntog talaga. haay. sobrang nagtimpi ako kundi talagang nasigawan ko sana yung ajumma. tumayo na lang talaga ako at sinabihan ko si alex na sa sasakyan ko i breastfeed si SooAe para makaalis na talaga kmi, kkkk….

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