Flood and landslides in Korea

I posted the other day that we’re having an unusually rainy summer. The landfall that has been recorded so far is four times that of what we usually get in a year. Yesterday, July 27th, there were reports of landslides in 32 cities/municipalities all over the country including the capital Seoul and the second biggest city in Korea, Busan.
The landslide that occured in Seocho-gu, a district south of the Han River, killed 9 people. It also flooded up to the third floor of an apartment complex. It happened at Mt. Umyeon. Namtaeryeong, which has a neighborhood of wealthy households, was also affected. The wife of the chairman of Shinsegae Department Stores was killed when she drowned at the basement of her house. In total, there are 39 people reported to have died from the floods.
Several subway stations were also closed due to flooding. Even line numbers 1 and 2 halted some of its operations in affected areas. The affluent neighborhood of Daechi-dong was also flooded in waist-deep water. The flood water even reached the Olympic Highway.
Clip of the landslide at Omyunsan:

Flood at Daechi Station:

More clips and pictures of the flood and landslide can be found here.
We used to live on a hill and I’m just glad that we have moved to a flat area. Thankfully, we have not experienced any flood here at all. The rain still continues to pour though and according to the news, we should expect about 120 to 250 mm of rain until Friday.
It’s also raining and there are also floods in the Philippines, especially in my father’s hometown of Albay. We have relatives there and I just hope they’re safe.


  1. Family is the most important treasure in our life and I can’t imagine how tragic it is for the family of Shinsegae’s chairman and other families affected by the flood.Despite everything that is happening right now ,floods,killing etc. let’s not forget that God is in control of everything.Let’s just pray.I’m glad you and your family are safe.

  2. Grabe nakakatakot naman un, I read about this yesterday sa yahoo news. We are also experiencing flooding here in Pinas, lalo na sa Bicol region. Let’s all pray for everyone’s safety.

  3. I hope the hard rain stops soon, it’s so scaring :S I hope you and your family is okay, take care =)

  4. Great to hear you and your family are safe! I was shocked when I saw the extent of the disaster. It’s like Ondoy in Korea.

  5. My office mate just arrived from Seoul. They didn’t have a time to shop and go sightseeing because of flood and heavy rain. Indeed when nature strikes, we are helpless. Be safe everyone especially to Ms. Betchay and your family!

  6. Hope you’re doing okay. I also experienced a sudden flood when we lived for a couple of years in Kansas. Always remember that keeping calm is also one of the best ways to overcome a situation like this.

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