Fishing in Korea

If you’ve seen the movie “The Isle” by Kim Ki Duk, you’ll know what these are. They are not houses for rent, but floating fishing cabins. I saw the movie twice, because I didn’t understand it the first time. My husband and I had a nice discussion over the movie. He is a fan of indie films and of course, of Kim Ki Duk.

Floating fishing cabins - Yedang Reservoir
Floating fishing cabins in Korea

Anyway, I haven’t gone fishing in Korea but my brother-in-law is an enthusiast and he would sometimes fill us in with his fishing endeavors (which bores my husband all the time!) I took the picture in Yesan. The floating fishing cabins are found in the Yedang Reservoir, which is the biggest lake in Korea. A fishing contest is held here every year.
Fishing in Hangang (the Han River in Seoul) is prohibited, but some has gotten away with it.
Fishing along the banks of Han River in Seoul
Fishing along the banks of Han River in Seoul

In the winter, one can try ice-fishing in frozen lakes. Chuncheon, the city popularized by Winter Sonata, is famous for its ice-fishing festival held every year. If you want to make sure that you’ll catch a fish or you’ll go home with a catch, try the paid fishing resorts that can be found all around Korea.
The word “fishing” in Korean is “nak-sshi” (Hangeul: 낙씨)


  1. we went fishing twice:-). ours was not a fishing cabin. but it was a floating platform with other fishing enthusiasts. kinda boring hehehe. hubby and LeRuof had fun only when they went around on a boat and fished somewhere else in the middle of the sea

  2. I saw the movie as well in the U.S. and didn’t understand the whole floating cabin thing. However, when I was vacationing in Korea last week, I had a chance to fish from one. It was definitely an interesting experience! Here’s a video of it.

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