Super Junior 5th – Mr. Simple

A friend asked me to buy two copies of Super Junior’s newest album – their 5th – MR. SIMPLE. She specifically asked me to buy the ones with Siwon and Sung Min on the cover. I’ve been so busy that I didn’t even know that Super Junior has a new album. Obviously, I haven’t updated the Korean online shopping site I started last year, but I still get and fulfill orders. It’s a legal online business. I’m registered with the appropriate government agency in Korea. Too bad that I’ve been busy with work but I still accept orders, I haven’t just updated it. Hopefully, I’ll be able to do that when I stop working in less than 60 days – I’m so excited!

Siwon and Sung Min on the cover of Super Junior's 5th - Mr. Simple
Siwon and Sung Min on the cover of Super Junior's 5th - Mr. Simple

Back to Super Junior’s 5th album… It has 13 tracks and the album packaging is as big as a long playing record. I wonder if fans of the group have seen an LP. In Seoul, there are specialty stores selling LP albums.
Mr. Simple comes with a poster of all the members of the group. There are also ten different covers. Each album also comes with ten LP size photos of the members. I like the one with Siwon… so sexy! LOLz
If you want to get your own copy, just visit my online shopping site for Korean CDs. I source the albums from a legitimate supplier and he said that each purchase is counted in the Korean charts.


  1. I’m itching to buy this album but I restricted myself to buy any korean album.Having 5 korean cd’s is enough for me .

  2. gah! I want this album so bad. I also want to buy Infinite’s Over the top and Teen Top’s Roman. Too bad I don’t have paypal. It really sucks, I will have to wait for so long until these albums are officially released here in Philippines. 😐

    1. Marxie i know a store in the philippines where it sells original korean album.the seller works in korea.I saw in her fb online store that she have spree now.leave a message in my website if you’re interested.

  3. OHMYGAAAAWD!!! sana ung ire-realease dito sa philippines pareho din nung nirelease jan. i have their 3rd and 4th album that i bought here so i gotta have this one also. excited much! 🙂

      1. smart marketing strategy ung ginawa ng SM Ent. syempre ung mga elf would like get a copy of the album with each of the member on the cover. mas marami nga naman ang mabebenta nila. Hhhmmm…alin kaya sa mga CD and mas magiging mabenta? i bet it’s going to be the one with Siwon on the cover. He’s HAWT! HAWT! HAWT! I die. 🙂

  4. waaaaaaaaaaaaa ilove the 5th albom mr simple anyong hasayoh i am from saudia arabia i am a biggest fans to suju iam 17years old anyong

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