2012 Global Korea Scholarship

Looking for a scholarship to study in Korea? This is open to a lot of nationalities, including the Philippines. It is sponsored by the Korean government. The scholarship is for undergraduate degree courses. The scholarship period is from 2012 to 2017. It includes one year Korean language training before taking the undergraduate course.
The scholarship benefits include:
– Roundtrip airfare
– Full tuition
– Monthly stipend of 800,000 won
– Settlement allowance of 200,000 won upon arrival
– Repatriation allowance of 100,000
– Korean language training
– Medical insurance
Only high school graduates can apply for the program. Bachelor degree holders are not eligible for the scholarship. It is also important to finish the course, as any grantee who quits within 3 months should refund all scholarship fees.
Interested? Check the application guideline from the Korean Embassy.


    1. me tooo!!! 😀 let’s go together! :)) hey, do u know when the deadline for the submission of application frms is? 😀 please reply! ^^

      1. Oops, the deadline of submission was on September 30th. Guess you’ll just have to wait or find another scholarship offering ;p

  1. ask ko lang po.. sabi po xe “Have graduated or be scheduled to graduate from a high school as of March 1, 2012
    ※ NOT Eligible: those who have already obtained a bachelor’s degree or a higher degree”
    eh 4th year college na po ako.. and hopefully ggraduate ako this march 2012 or october 2012… eligible pa po ba ako?

  2. Srsly I can’t find the Application Form in the NIIED’site, NIIED Pledege form, Study Plan Form. I have been searching the site for almost 1 hour already. Can you please help me. :)) Thank you.

  3. my sister is already on her 2ndyear in college… eligible pa po ba sya to apply for this scholarship?? if not po, is there any other scholarship na pwede nya applayan??? thanks po

  4. Hello!This is Honey Win from Myanmar.I want to apply for undergraduate degree courses in Korea.I am very interested in Korean education.So I’m finding scholarship from Korea.It would be better to reply me the information.Thank you so much!

  5. my son will be graduating high school this march.kaso we only have 3 days para makapagregister.bakit ba ngayon ko lang nakita ito.

  6. hi~i read that those people who have obtained a Bachelor’s Degree in their country are not qualified for this program.Are there other ways on how I can apply for a scholarship grant in Korea despite having a Bachelor’s Degree?thanks…

  7. :(( I can’t believe that I’m still going to wait another year just to be qualified in this program….
    so sad…
    3rd year high-school pa lang ako…

  8. huhuhu. pwede pa po ba mag submit ng application eh Sept.11,2011 lang pala un deadline ..ngayun ko lang nakita to.eh~ huhuhuhuh sayang…

  9. hi im cyren im a high school grad here in the philippines pwede po kaya akong mag aral in korea kung pwede po pwede po pahingi ng application form and anu po ung requirments? tnx po

  10. Hey this is Blen Teshome from Ethiopia it was my dream to get shcolar to south korea since i became addicted to Kbs world channel i really want that badly…. I graduate high school 2 years ago & join Addis Ababa Technology lnstitute in Civil Engineering Department so please consider… Since i love the country i dont need that much class to learn the language cause i know some of them!! Chebal… Chuseyo Thamsamita Anong!!

  11. Hello po Ms. Betchay. Nakalagay po sa guidelines “Applicants must hold a bachelor’s degree” Does it mean college na po ang pwede maka-apply? Thanks po in advance.

  12. How can I apply to this scholarship? I’m 16 yrs. old, freshman, Polytechnic University of the Philippines, taking up Diploma in Information Communication Management Technology. Hope someone can help me.

  13. hello! i graduated high school a year ago and i stopped from school because of our financial status.. mmm though i knew this a little too late already, may i ask if only those fresh highschool graduates are qualified for this?
    thank you for answering!

    1. Hi aj! There are scholarships for high school graduates, but there are most scholarships for graduate school. Most of the time, they are offered in the fall for the spring class opening.

  14. Ms. Betchay, How can I apply to this scholarship? I’m 16 yrs. old, freshman, Polytechnic University of the Philippines, taking up Diploma in Information Communication Management Technology. Hope someone can help me.

  15. hye,…is this just for philiphines??
    i`m malaysian,… did u have any idea on how can i search for any scholar for malaysian?? scholar other than KGSP,..
    really appreciate if you can share with me,..

  16. hello? by the way im jeannie,im a filipino.oh how im glad that i found this site.hmf,yeah ill knew it only now. Maybe its too early Can i ask if i can apply and avail the scholarship this 2013 though i have graduated last 2011.Can you help me. . . . ?please ,im so intereasted i really want to continue my study in college.And what are the requirements?

  17. i wish i will be the president scholar . because i want to go to Korea to study and to pursue my dreams . I’am from Philippines , i want to study in your country . i want to know your culture and i am interested to your beautiful place .and to know your language . thank you sir i hope i can go to Korea 🙂
    Frances Lois Ocampo
    I’am a third year highschool !!plsssss i want to go to korea to pursue my dreams ,to study and for having a job ,, for my family

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