Korea's Autumn Foliage in 2011

My two favorite seasons in Korea are autumn and spring. I don’t care much for summer and winter but we need them to complete the four seasons. It’s just that it’s so inconvenient to travel in winter when it’s too cold and when there’s snow. ;p
I am so looking forward to this autumn since my sisters will be visiting us. Too bad though that my husband would be in Italy that time so he won’t have time to drive us. I am also excited since I would only be working twice a week starting next month. So I’ll have more time visiting places in Seoul and the nearby cities. I would love to visit Jirisan, but an overnight trip is impossible for me.
For those who are looking forward to this autumn’s colorful foliage (Hangeul: 가을 단풍 – ka-eul dan-pung), here are the expected dates when the trees in the major forests of Korea show their colorful side ;p Information is from Visit Korea website.

Korea's autumn foliage, 2011
Korea's autumn foliage, 2011

Plan your trip to Korea from the middle of October until the middle of November for Korea’s autumn foliage. Bukhansan, which is in Seoul, is an easy hike. ;p


  1. Hi! I will be coming to Korea on October. Im just curious how the weather is like at that time. Im actually considering on bringing just a few clothes because i want to shop there but Im worried that what I will bring will not be enough if it’s too cold. Basing it on Philippine weather, how cold will it be? Thanks! =D

    1. Hi Tricia! Starting this weekend, the highest temperature is expected to be below 20 degrees. In the morning, it’ll be below 10 degrees. Better bring a jacket. Most of the clothes in the shops right now are for autumn and winter. You might have a hard time looking for clothes for warmer weather.

  2. I’ve spent a few days in Korea during autumn and I absolutely loved it. Bihira kasi akong makakita ng dilaw at pulang dahon dito. hehe! Wish ko pa nga sana makakita ng snow pero wala pa daw bumabagsak pag November at nakakatakot naman na baka magfreeze ako. But the sights are really beautiful.
    Next time, spring naman sana maexperience ko.

    1. I love autumn. Minsan medyo malamig, mahangin at minsan din maulan pero napakaganda ng kapaligiran ;p Wag ka lang madadaan sa puro puno ng gingko, dahil amoy ebak!

      1. hi ate betchay,
        Kararating ko lang dito sa Korea nung Nov. 5., everything is new for me.. yung gingko trees pala yung mbaho na na-aamoy ko kapag naglalakad ako sa labas,.kaya pala nagtataka ako kung bakit laging amoy poopoo ng aso eh wla nman akong makita mga poo poo..ahaha^^

        1. korek! yung bunga ng gingko ang amoy poo-poo… pero pwede pulutin ang bunga, tapos tanggalin ang balat… patuyuin at pwede kainin yung bunga as toasted nuts or isama sa kanin… pag wala na yung balat, hindi na masangsang ang amoy niya

  3. Hi….. So nice to read your blog…
    I will be going to korea this coming Nov 24th for 5 days and I really can’t wait! This is my 1st trip… I wonder what type of clothes should I wear?? Thankssss 😉

    1. It’s winter, and we usually wear three layers of clothing – thermal underwear, long-sleeved clothes and winter jacket.

  4. my sister in law will go to korea Oct 29 to Nov 1, 2011 . I would like to know if you have packages for 4days /3 nights (Tour and Hotel). Also I want to know how to apply visa..is it drop box, pick up or personal appearance.? How many days to issue the visa? And lastly what is the meaning of OECD countries?

  5. My girl friends will be in Seoul on Nov 3 – 8. Wanted to go also to Bukhansan for photoshooting and some hike. Do you know how to get there and do you have other suggested itineraries for us girls ? Thanks

  6. I will travelling to Korea on the 21 to 29 October, 2011
    What attraction are nice to visit? Places, scenery, temples, clothes,especially food?
    Any hotels, I like the traditional houses best. Any suggestions???

  7. Hi, I’m kinda addicted to your blog now reading how a fellow Filipina is having wonderful adventures in Korea, my friends and I will be visiting Korea from Feb 17-22, and we are aware that it will be in winter, is the weather in Feb will be bitterly cold? and are there chances of snow in Seoul? Thanks

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