TBS Happy Concert

If you happen to be in Seoul on Saturday, October 1st, reserve your tickets for a free concert presented by TBS and the Seoul City government. The concert is titled “행복 콘서트” or Happy Concert.

Happy Concert 2011
Happy Concert 2011

The concert has two parts. The first part is more traditional while the second part is pop. Who are the performers?
1st part : 서울시국악관현악단(Seoul Metropolitan Traditional Music Orchestra), 테너 임산(Tenor Im-San), 뮤지컬갈라(Musical Gala)
2nd part: 소녀시대(Girls Generation), SG워너비(SG Wannabe), 유키스(UKiss), 에프엑스(Fx), 다비치(Davichi), 봄여름가을겨울, 박강성(Park Kangsung), 이은하(Lee Eun-Ha), 캔(Can), 노브레인(No Brain), 블락비(Block B), 애즈원(As One)
When: October 1st, Saturday at 6:30 PM
Where: Seoul World Cup Stadium (line 6)
For free tickets please contact the Seoul Global Center at 02-2075-4130~1 or visit Happy Concert homepage to reserve tickets.
Thanks to Jaz for the info ;p


  1. Wow Joayo. It’s free!
    Block B was here in the Manila recently and they were great young lads. They were together with the Miso Musical cast.
    How I wish to see Girls Generation live.

  2. Thanks for the info Ate Betchay. Every weekend po binivisit ko site nyo just to see your new posts. I wanna watch it to support that Pinay but I’m here in Pinas. Can I order a DVD from you with Eng. sub?

    1. Hi Xena! Thank you for visiting. Sure I can get you a DVD, but can you send me an email about it next week? I’m really busy this week since I’m on my last week at my job.

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