Blog Giveaway: Korea's Foundation Day

Today, October 3rd, is a holiday in South Korea. We are celebrating “kae-cheon-jeol” (Hangeul: 개천절) or National Foundation Day. Here’s a Youtube video made by Daniel Lee (MRSS,8, Maple Ridge, BC, Canada) so you’d know more about how Korea was founded. (Not to be taken literally.)

October 9th, which is a Sunday, is also the day we celebrate the making of “Hangeul” (한글) or the Korean alphabet. I posted a story about “King Sejong and Hangeul Day” last year.
Since we have two Korean celebrations this month, our blog giveaway is also about Korea. Here are the prizes:

Blog giveaway: About Korea
Blog giveaway: About Korea

Book: Facts About Korea (never read)
CD: The Best of Korean Songs (unopened)
Mother-of-pearl metallic business card holder (never used)
Mother-of-pearl USB flash disk (never used)
Got them last spring (from KOCIS)
Got them last Spring (from KOCIS)

I don’t know the capacity of the USB flash disk, though. I’ve never used it, but the design is truly Korean. This blog giveaway will run until October 12th at 11:59 PM. I will post the winner on October 14th, Friday. Like before, only one comment entry per human being ;p and this contest is open internationally.


  1. Eii~~ first!
    I hope I can have it this time.
    Should read more about korean history.
    I envy you don’t have work today ã… .ã… 
    ã…‹ã…‹ã…‹~Happy National Foundation Day Korea! 😉

  2. Happy National Foundation Day!The myth of Dan Goon is very interesting..Thanks Ate Betchay!I hope number 8 would give me luck this time..kkkk..Keeping my fingers crossed!

  3. I’ve always loved korean culture! epecially learning Hangeul (1 of the reasons why I love korea , and why I keep on searching and studying all about korea),
    anyways! Happy Korean Foundation Day! and soon Hangeul day!

  4. annyeong haseyo!
    i like the book. actaully, i was searching for facts about korea(north and south) i hope i could win that. btw, Happy National Foundation Day Korea! 🙂

  5. Happy National Foundation Day to you! ^_^
    I’m going to Seoul on November, I wonder if there would be any holidays or events when I go there. Hmmmm.

  6. to: whoever wins! pls send me a scan copy of the book ‘facts about korea’ =) i wonder what is in. THANK YOU.

  7. Happy National Foundation Day to all Koreans!^^ Nice give aways,.. just trying my luck^^hehe

  8. Happy National Foundation day!
    I really want the book!
    I’m inlove with korean culture so I want to learn more about it 🙂
    I hope I win this time

  9. I’m wishing to reach this country so much. Korea is such a wonderful country. Hopefully when i finish my degree i’ll be able to have a trip in Korea.
    i hope this time i’ll win ^_^

  10. Happy National Foundation Day, from Kenya. I’m one of your fans though never posted anything to date. Thought this would be a nice chance to make myself known while possibly getting a freebie. I got interested in South Korean culture after seeing one of your famous hallyu dramas, Winter Sonata. Lets just say BYJ is doing his Korean tourism ambassador job very well :o) . Happy holidays/Siku kuu njema

  11. Happy Happy National Foundation Day Korea!I’d love to go there someday and experience autumn!고마워요!

  12. I want to learn more about Korea.korea is a very beautiful place to visit.can i have the book?i hope i will win this time.

  13. This is my first time but I hope to win! I always read your blogs because I am interested about Korean culture! Happy National Foundation day!

  14. I love all those stuff! that book (Facts About Korea) will help me a lot if given a chance to travel to korea next year( spring…coz I’d love to see cherry blossoms) hopefully insa-ALLAH!!!
    Happy National Foundation Day Korea!!! 🙂

  15. hi ms betchay!^^
    i always read your blogs! it’s like a daily dose of vitamin c for k-drama addict like me! hehe! i’m a fan of lee min ho!
    i hope i get picked! thanks! 🙂

  16. Happy foundation day!!
    Wish i win!! That’ll be very useful for my trip to korea on November. 🙂

  17. Hi! Happy National Foundation Day, Korea! My friends and I love Korea, and we’ll go there next week! Wee so excited! 🙂 Btw, the USB flash disk is gorgeous!

  18. happy national foundation day!
    im currently obsessed with anything sageuk-related (im watching gongjuui namja right now haha) and i would love to have these items.
    by the way, im planning a trip to korea soon and i was hoping if there are any stores you know that sell norigae? thanks so much for this giveaway!

  19. I hope I win because I really wanna read the book about Korea ^.^ I find that interesting 🙂 anyways happy national foundation day!!! :”>

  20. I had a relaxing long weekend. And I enjoyed the story of Korea’s Foundation Day from a co-worker. What a cute story.

  21. Glad to hear about this thing that it’s Happy National Foundation Day of Korea.I read already the history of korea and I think it is great .Thank you for sharing this stuff to us.

  22. Belated National Foundation Day and Advance Happy Hangeul Day! Wow! These prizes will surely help one’s understanding of Korean culture. 🙂

  23. Hi! I’ve been frequenting your blog for quite a while now but I think this is my first time to leave a comment ..Mianhae =)
    Anyway.. I hope this first could bring me some luck. I’m really interested in understanding the Korean culture that I even enrolled in a language class in one of the universities here in the PH (I still lack a few modules to complete the special class though ^^)..
    That would be all for now.. Thanks!

  24. hi!
    HAPPY “King Sejong and Hangeul Day”!
    you have a very nice and informative blog. i’m also happy to know that you have give-aways for your avid readers. if ever i would win, i will give the book to my daughter so that she can explore more about korea. my sister is a kpop fanatic, so the CD is best for her. and the remaining items are for me! i just love sharing my blessings!!!! more power to you!!!

  25. Happy kae-cheon-jeol! Wow, been reading your posts lately and I’m very curious with your life there…hope you’re always ok! Joining this Giveaway for the first time on your blog! Keep on writing and I love Mangoes too! (it’s about your other article), when I see Mangoes, what pops in my mind is either Bagoong Almang or Tiramisu! God speed! Kudos to your blog!

  26. Joining!
    Off to Korea 3 days! Fourth time but still very much excited! I’m traveling with my 8-year-old, any place we should not miss?

  27. We celebrated Hangeul day here at KCC Philippines last Saturday Oct. 8. I enjoyed the activities
    Happy foundation day to Korea.
    Gamsahapnida, Ms. Betchay.

  28. oh wow! I’d be glad to have that book or that USB flash disk. It’s so hard to find websites in English that has lots of facts about South Korea. It would be awesome to visit Korea. I have never won a giveaway so I’m just gonna enter. Happy National Foundation Day!

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