Bea Alonzo in Korea

Oh, she’s not in Korea yet but I was excited to learn that she’ll be visiting the country for a leisure trip ;p I don’t have the details when she’s coming or where she’s going with her friends, including her constant date Zanjoe Marudo. I just hope she’ll have a great time shopping, dining and exploring the country. Who knows, we might bump into her. That would be nice ;p

Bea Alonzo on the cover of "Blush" magazine (from her FB fan page)
Bea Alonzo on the cover of "Blush" magazine

I’ve been a fan of Bea Alonzo since “Kay Tagal Kang Hinintay”. I loved her more in “Maging Sino Ka Man”, “Magkaribal” and “Guns and Roses”. I saw the past three teleseryes via TFC Now. I got my subscription courtesy of TFC reps who came to visit last spring. How I wish TFC is available on Korean cable!


  1. Wow, Korea is a nice place to be there. I’ve never visited though. But heard a lot from my friends. Probably, I’ll visit Korea in my upcoming vacations if everything goes on track.

  2. Oh my, she was amazing as “Gelai” in Magkaribal! I’m sure she’ll have a blast exploring the wonderland that is Korea. Hope you bump into her! 🙂

  3. Ate Betchay
    Ive been reading your blog for quite some time now and ngayon ko lang po nabasa that youre a big fan of Bea Alonzo. Since Im a big fan of reading your blog I will pass onto her your blogs website addy. Im sure shell appreciate that you even have her blush mag cover up on your blog! Hopefully you do bump into her and her company. Pls feel free to approach her and ask for a photo-op she will never turn you down.

    1. Hi Khaycee! Thanks! I do hope I’d see her here somewhere. That would be a blast! When Angel Locsin was here, she was so accommodating and even if I didn’t know her then I instantly liked her.

  4. yeah! She made mentioned in one of her interview that she will fly to korea of course with Zanjoe Marudo. One of our country’s brilliant actress of her generation!!

      1. im a huge fan of bea too ate betchay..since she started’s cute to know na fan karin pala nya..hehehe 😀

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