Korean Government Crackdown on Illegal Workers

Reposting from Prof. Abaya’s FB page. It’s about the Korean government’s crackdown on illegal workers.

Government Joint Crack down Notice
** Obey law and order about foreign workers employment
** Hiring undocumented foreign workers will be fined maximum 20,000,000 won.
** Voluntarily leaving foreign workers will get the benefit of penalty exemption and deregulation of re-entry
Period: Sep 19, 2011 – Nov 30, 2011
Information Campaign: Sep 19 – Sep 30, 2011 (2 weeks)
Voluntary Exit Program: Oct 1 – Oct 31, 2011 (1 month)
Crackdown on undocumented: Nov 1 – Nov 30, 2011 (1 month)
Major target: Work place where hiring many EPS visa validity terminating workers
— Foreign workers concentrated area such as large scale industrial complex and
— Manpower Agency, Construction Field, Service Industry
— Adult Entertainment Bar, Massage Parlor and etc.

Take care of yourselves. There have been reports in the past of people getting hurt or even getting killed because of the immigration raids.


  1. good pm betchay, pwede po malaman FB page ni prof abaya? I’d like to share the news’ link to all my undocumented friends here in korea. they have no idea that there’s an ongoing crackdown. thanks!

  2. Hi. Paano naman po yung sa pinoy na may asawang Korean national dito? Lahat naman po kasi ng nababasa ko dito about lang sa mga pinay na may napag asawang korean at may training pa sa mga pinay para madali makapag hanap ng trabaho. Meron din po ba ganun sa mga lalakeng pinoy na may asawang korean? Thanks po.

    1. Hi John! Tanong ka sa “dong samuso” ninyo. Kasi mas marami naman Pinay ang may asawang Korean kesa sa mga Pinoy na may asawang Korean di ba?

  3. ms betchay, ang nasa news ngayon dito sa PHL na may opening jobs dyan. for those browsing this blog, please check out poea website.

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