Watch Wandeugi (Punch) with English subtitles

Today, October 20th is the opening day of the movie “Wandeugi” (Punch). It stars Yoo Ah In from Sungkyungkwan Scandal. Jasmine Lee, a Filipina, is the Filipina mother of Yoo Ah In’s character. Therefore, making his character half-Korean and half-Filipino. I’ve been reading a few synopsis of the movie and the story seems promising ;p

Cast of Wandeugi at the Busan International Film Festival
Cast of Wandeugi at the Busan International Film Festival

If you want to see Wandeugi (Punch) with English subtitles, visit CGV at these branches: Myeongdong Stn, Gangnam and Yongsan. You can make reservations online or through your smartphone ;p It’s so much more convenient to buy tickets online so you can choose your seat and never have to wait in line at the counters. Just print the e-ticket or just go to a ticketing machine at the movie theater.
Find the schedule of showing of Wandeugi (Punch) with English subtitles below. Incidentally, the cast will also be visiting some theaters on Saturday. It may be your chance to see Yoo Ah In or Jasmine!
CGV Gangnam:
October 20th – 12:10, 14:30, 21:50
October 21st – 11:15, 13:40, 23:00
October 22nd – 11:10, 13:25, 22:40
October 23rd – 13:35, 15:50, 22:50
CGV Yongsan:
October 20th – 11:50, 14:10, 21:30
October 21st – 11:50, 14:10, 21:30
October 22nd – 11:50, 16:40, 21:45
October 23rd – 11:50, 16:40, 21:45
October 24th – 11:50, 14:10, 21:30
October 26th – 11:50, 14:10, 21:30
CGV Myeongdong Stn (Migliore):
October 20th – 11:45, 14:00, 21:00
October 21st – 12:05, 14:00, 21:25
October 22nd – 11:40, 13:00, 23:20
October 23rd – 11:40, 13:00, 23:20
See you at the movies! I might just see this movie on the 26th at Yongsan when I’m less busy – with my part-time job and full-time housework!


  1. Jasmine Lee is such an inspiration to all migrant wives that nothing is impossible!Congratulations and more power!

  2. This is cool ^^ How do you check which Korean movies will show with English Subs in CGV? Wonder if Wandeugi will still be showing by November?

  3. wow! was this shown during the Busan International festival? that’s way too cool! hope it will be shown in an international filmfest in manila. thanks ms betchay…

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