Himig Pasko, Tinig Pinoy: Christmas Song Festival 2011

PIKO, the organization representing Filipino scholars in South Korea, is holding a Christmas song festival open to all Filipino (citizens/dual citizens) residing in South Korea. All Filipino organizations are invited to participate in this singing contest to be held on December 4th, 4PM at the Tongseong Auditorium in Hyewha-dong. Good luck to all who are joining.


  • A Filipino or Dual-Filipino Citizen
  • Filled-out Application Form
  • Letter of Recommendation from the Organization, Group, or Community
  • Registration Fee of 25 Raffle Tickets/ entrance fee for the audience due on or before November 24th, 2011
  • Sample Video or Link via email or Youtube
  • All songs/music pieces should be CHRISTMAS OPM – Original Philippine Music (English/Tagalog)
  • Music Accompaniment depends on the contestants’ concept and style.
  • No age limit.


Delivery 6 points
Stage Concept 2 points
-*Overall Impact 2 points
Total 10 points
* Delivery: Includes Voice Quality, Acrobatics, Arrangement, Timing, Stage Presence
* Stage concept: The contestant may present any Filipino Christmas Theme. One may use backup singers or other props and other original ways of presenting the theme. The contestant may solicit help from their organization in any way they can.
* Overall Impact: The contestant may bring his or her group for their moral support and presence in the contest.
For more details, please feel free to contact Mr. RC Eusebio (PIKO President) at 010-4343-8412 or Mr. Joel Closa (PIKO Treasurer) at 010-7265-8302, or you can email us at piko@pinoyiskolars.org.


  1. hello pottershandclay^^
    Prizes are 1,000,000krw cash tax free plus plaque for the 1st prize winner, 2nd prize is 500,000krw cash tax free plus plaque, and 3rd prize is 250,000krw cash tax free^^
    We also have special awards and raffle draws.
    Betchay’s post will be updated soon po.
    see you there^^

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