Skinfood in the USA

On my first Saturday here, December 10, my brother and his wife treated us to big brunch at Norm’s. Then, they drove us to a mall in West Covina. Surprise! There is a Skinfood store here – minus the Korean salesladies. It wasn’t there before ;p

A Skinfood store at Westfield in West Covina
A Skinfood store at Westfield in West Covina

I didn’t try to go inside anymore, but I like seeing familiar things away from home. I remember seeing two Missha stores in NYC five years ago. I wonder if they are still there.


  1. Ha! WHen I first came to Korea I thought the store was literally “skin food”…I was across the street and later learned the truth.

  2. Hey~ I’ve been waiting for a reply vua email, but I’ll just ask here. When are you free, so I can drop by West Covina to pick up the products?

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