IOPE Whitegen Intense Cream

I tried the SK II Cellumination Cream for about two weeks and I loved it. The cream is not too heavy and I could use it in day or night time. It’s just too pricey though. When I ran out of it, I decided to try IOPE’s Whitegen Intense Cream (manufactured by Amore Pacific). I have a darkened forehead since I never used sunscreen when I had to walk everyday to work in the Philippines. My first sister-in-law also said that IOPE is a good brand for those who are in their 30s, although she personally uses Sulwhasoo.
Anyway, I decided to get the IOPE Whitegen Intense Cream. A 60-ml. bottle is 80,000 won and I was able to pay 60,000 won with my points. I got a lot of freebies with my purchase, too. Since I’ve been buying from the same Aritaum store for almost a year, the store manager enrolled me in a discount program for all their products – 10% for one whole year!

Freebies from Aritaum
Freebies from Aritaum

I like that the packaging of IOPE Whitegen Intense Cream doesn’t look cheap. After all, the product isn’t cheap either. It says on the box that it contains the “Skinchroma Complex”. It is the ingredient that combats the darkening of the skin and it improves skin tone.
IOPE Whitegen Intense Cream
IOPE Whitegen Intense Cream

The bottle is sealed with a plastic around the mouth. It also has a plastic cover on top. The cream is white (on the picture it appears yellowish because of the lighting at my dressing room) and thick. The texture is that of thick mayonnaise.
I have combination skin but I still use cream on my face as I sometimes tightness on my forehead after washing. The first time I used it, the cream didn’t glide as well as the others I’ve tried. In the morning, my forehead was shiny — and yeah, oily.
I still used the cream in the daytime, but I thought it’s a little thick and it really made my skin oily. Using a loose powder helped minimize the oiliness, though. I can’t say how effective the cream is since I only used it for three days before I left for my vacation. I took the IOPE Super Vital Extra Moist trial set that came with my purchase. I’m currently using that set and I’ll write a review next time ;p
When I come back to Korea, I’ll be back to using the IOPE Whitegen Intense Cream. I hope that it would work well because it’s not cheap!


  1. Ms Betchay,
    finally you featured some of the IOPE’s product. I actually use IOPE however I noticed that my skin becomes too dependent on the product so I had to minimize the usage and let my natural oil be useful. However since I find it amazing I decided to go back and with you suggestion I’ll try using the intense cream!
    Thanks a bunch
    I’d like to know if it will be cheaper to buy the whole facial cream set in Korea compare to canadian market?

  2. halu, betchay!
    i’m an iope convert. mauubos na ang vital extra moist gift pack ko hahahaha… akin na lang yan!!!!!!!
    i get a lot of freebies from aritaum, too! friendship na kami ng store owner:-)

  3. i also like how aritaum is very generous with their samples.. sige nga ate Betchay, review pa. i’m so bored with my sooryehan already. alex is even helping me finish the bottles. aba, he uses them for his hands even, LOL!

  4. I’m waiting for your review on IOPE Ms. Betchay. I’m interested on it. Good thing there was you who can give us feedback after trying it…Just in case po, puede kaya magpabili sayo? I know mas mura po jan compare to on-line store…:) More power!!!

  5. Please my friend had a daughter been trying to cure her problem skin, I gave her a left over of the IOPE cream, she used it twice and that blackness of the neck fade away. The cream has finished but just wondering where I can get it, I’m ready to pay any price. Thanks. and please I don’t have credit card. Thanks

  6. SKII had so bad reputation in china. it contains lead. i dont know it is still on the market or not. But i wont try skII ever.

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