Planking is out! "Noynoying" is in!

Oh my, I almost fell off the chair when I saw this video from Interaksyon – Activists introduce Noynoying from a link in Pinoyexchange.

Introducing - Noynoying - the lazy pose!

When someone asked “Papaano ba ang ginagawa ni Noynoy dun sa presyo ng langis?” Someone said, “tulo laway”. Anyway, since the protesters were not allowed to do “planking” during their protest, they made their own protest pose – “Noynoying”. Can you guess why they named it so? Clue. It’s not rocket science ;p
The west has planking, owling and horsemanning. In the Philippines, we have tarsiering, bakling and now – Noynoying!


  1. hi ate Betchay! ask ko lang po pala if you finished na my items price? 🙂 thank you po ate Betchay

  2. noynoying has gone viral and we could only laugh though malacanang is hurting.i am so glad i didn’t vote for him because early on, i knew that he was not hardworking as her sister kris. kris a. for all hell faults and weaknesses worked hard to have a career. noynoy became a congressman and a senator because of his parents’ name, no achievements, no nothing. i’ve always looked at him as a lukot na barong tagalog ambling his way. do you have a twitter account, i always have a blast reading tweets by teddyboy locsin jr. he once mentioned noynoy wakes up at noon, how many hours does he put in a working day? a veteran writer said something like ‘why would we vote for someone who still lives in his mothers’ house, who knew nothing about household expenses because he does not have one to run,and someone who just benefitted from his parents’ name?well, our more than 14 million countrymen voted for him,they got what they voted for!

  3. i didn’t vote for noynoy so i am not sorry unlike the 14 million filipinos who got what they wished, a lazy. indolent, noynoying president. i’ve always seen him as a lukot na barong tagalog. do you tweet? i always have a blast whenever i read teddy boy locsin’s witty tweets. he onc eposted that enemies of noynoy say he wakes up at noon. can you imagine that? i wonder if the korean president lee myung bak does that?

    1. Hi Ms. Ellen! Teddy Boy Locsin is ABS-CBN’s saving grace. He’s the only reason I still watch their news on ANC.

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