Dial 120: Seoul Call Center

I never thought I’d use the services of Dasan 120 (Seoul Call Center), a helpline managed by the Seoul city government. My friends and I had a party last Saturday and one of our friends from the province came to visit with her two kids. She just asked what time was the last bus trip to her province. Instead of using my phone’s 3G, I just thought of calling Dasan 120.
It’s so easy. Using my phone, I dialed 1-2-0 (I checked my phone and I didn’t use the local code 02). The first greeting was in Korean but after a few seconds, an English automated machine asked if I wanted to use the foreign language helpline. In a few seconds, I was connected to an English speaker on the line. I just asked her if she could help me find out the last bus trip from Seoul’s Central Terminal to Jeonju City. She told me if I prefer to wait on the line or she would just send me a text message since it might take time to find out the details. I opted for the latter because I couldn’t hear her well – the noise level in the room was 70 decibels! Anyway, after a few minutes I received a text message from 02120. In it was the information I wanted.

Dial 120: Seoul Call Center

If you ever find yourself needing help or information, just dial 1-2-0 (Seoul Call Center). You can ask them information about daily living, traveling, restaurants, interpretation and more.
1-2-0 is a free service. Use it. It’s our taxes working for us!


  1. wow! thanks for this one ate Betchay. i remember listening to tbs before, taking down the numbers for foreigners to dial in cases of emergency or translation needs but i couldn’t find them anymore..

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