I Love Korea because…

Join the "I love Korea, because..." contest and win a brand new car!

I love Korea. And I love Seoul. I love seeing the taxes we pay working for us. I love watching the politicians passionately fight for their principles. (Seriously!) I love that I could eat street food without hesitation. I love taking the subway to work and seeing Han River during the day and at night. I love how sales ladies give me freebies when I go buy something at their store. I love watching Korean folk musical performances. I love the inexpensive museums and the parks smack right in the middle of the busy city. I love the provinces where we can go unwind and appreciate the beauty of the mountains. I love Korean food: cheonggukjang, kimchi jjigae, andong jjim dalk, kalbi tang and more! Oh I love Jang Dong Gun ;p
Even with its imperfections, I don’t see myself wanting to live somewhere else — except for a few months vacation in the US or in the Philippines;p
How about you? Do you love Korea, too? If you do, make a video of why you love the country and get a chance to win a brand new car and a trip to Korea. Lovely! I wonder if I qualify for this contest. Anyway, I’ll try to make a video and check it with vlc 2.0
You can read more about what to do and what the prizes are on the Ministry of Foreign Affairs website. I Love Korea, because…
UPDATE: Got a mail from MOFAT. Even naturalized Koreans can join this contest!


  1. Great answers! I totally agree!
    I’ve forwarded the link to my husband. Hopefully he’s qualified too. 😉
    By the way, I was hoping to meet you at the welcoming ceremony for the Worldwide Korea Bloggers. Though I may not comment all the time, I do love reading your posts. I hope to meet you one day. 🙂

  2. Oh my, I can’t help leaving a comments here why I love Korea. I just loved Korea, Seoul and its provinces..I love watching koreanovelas. I love their culture, fashion, food, cosmetics and etc. I love living or maybe staying in Seoul for 1 year, just to experience winter, spring and autumn…And one of my wish is to travel someday in Seoul..Maybe next year, hopefully!

  3. I love korea because………me my self also don’t know why i love Korea,, I’ve never been there but i love to visit it one day,,, i love their music and tv shows,, i even trying to learn their language,, some of my friends asking me if i have a korean blood because of the hobbies that i have….. and i answered them none it just that i am happy when i am doing this hobbies of mine… I am hoping that someday i can visit this country very soon…. thanks!!

      1. 감사합니다! ã…‹ã…‹ 😀
        if it isn’t too much to ask, maybe.. just maybe you can promote my video? >< to generate more views and likes from your loyal readers.
        again, thanks Ms. Betchay ^^

  4. This is a great website.. Thanks, but I guess I will not be able to join the contest as I have never been to Korea, though I’m fascinated by Korean culture & music. Would love to visit South Korea someday.

  5. Hi!Hello! Could you help me to get some views for this video.Can you put this adress on your page please or your messenger list/friends? 😀 Or please share with your friends.. …I really want to win.The prize is a trip on Korea for 10 days.. :> > Thank you! You are very sweet! [:] [:-]

  6. guys please check my entry too and thankyou sooooo much :)http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r6gX3-3qePY

  7. Can anyone help my concern? Im a f-6 visa holder in korea i have been here na for almost 2 years ,then i want to visit my country in philippines. But im a liitle bit worried kung paano makabalik sa korea na wala daw akong cfo certificate? Do i need to get cfo certificate at anong ibang papers pa dapat ko eprepare o eprocess? Please help

    1. Hi Jana! Depende sa immigration sa Pinas kung paalisin ka nila kung wala kang CFO. Sa Korea basta may ARC ka walang problema.

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